Good Morning, News: Chief Lovell Reflects on the Past Year, Shot Put History Made in Eugene, and Delta Variant Threatens US



Non-vaccinated Americans are at risk of an aggressive and more dangerous Covid-19 variant.

So the hundreds of thousands dead haven't convinced people to get vaccinated.
So the cash money and prizes haven't convinced people to get vaccinated.
So the prospect of opening up the state for business 100% hasn't convinced people to get vaccinated.

Can't fix stupid. Those who are not vaccinated will continue to spread the disease (and hopefully all die, too, since they're fucking selfish, stupid assholes). The rest of us have to hope that if we're infected by these motherfuckers that we don't die (which we should not since we're vaccinated - but there are a LOT of children out there and they can't be vaccinated yet) and continue to wear masks and take precautions around all people because there is no way to no if they are fucking asshole who wants to get other people sick and kill them (unless they have a tell, like a MAGA hat or are running around saying "it's all fake, you know)!