As the temps creep up, the county makes plans for cooling shelters.
As the temps creep up, the county makes plans for cooling shelters. gchukta / Getty Images

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• Whether houseless or housed, listen up: To protect the public from the heatwave that's coming down on us this weekend, Multnomah County has extended the hours of cooling stations across the county, and public libraries as well as TriMet are stepping up to the plate to help as well. Find out all the info you need to know from our Isabella Garcia.

• Here's another helpful heatwave hint: Don't be the ding-a-ling who has to pay millions in fines after causing damage, injury, and (god forbid) death because YOU just had to go blowing up fireworks during a heatwave. Rest assured: We will never forgive you.

• GOOD NEWS: The federal government has extended the national eviction moratorium from June 30 to July 31—giving tenants an additional month to gather rent money. But waitasecond... how does that work with the state's moratorium which doesn't extend past June 30? Umm... it's COMPLICATED. Luckily our Alex Zielinski is on hand to break it all down.

• Following a riot that took place between Proud Boys and Antifa last week in Oregon City, the city has revoked the white nationalists' park reservation for this Friday. Sorry, fascists, but maybe you can choose another park... like maybe in Idaho?

• City Council will hear a planned ordinance from Commish Dan Ryan that would "de-prioritize" sweeping certain homeless campsites that are considered "low impact." So what exactly falls under the category of "low impact"? Our Alex Zielinski explains it all for you.


• Wow, okay, that was quick: After a meeting this morning with a bipartisan group of senators, President Biden has announced that they "have a deal" on an infrastructure plan that's scaled-back from Biden's original $2 trillion version, but opens the door to future deals on the president's bigger priorities.

• The trap continues to close on pants-tugging creep Rudy Giuliani whose license to practice law has been unceremoniously yanked by a New York court for his attempts to use the courtrooms to overturn Biden's presidential victory.

• House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced today that Democrats will form a special commission to investigate the events surrounding the January 6 domestic terrorist attack, whether the Republicans like it or not (and many don't, since they supported and aided the insurrection).

• The count of missing persons in that horrifying collapse of a Miami Beach high-rise continues to grow, with 99 currently missing, 10 injured, and one confirmed death so far.

• If you're one of the vaccine holdouts who is refusing to get your shot for whatever reason, you can take this headline to the bank: "Nearly all COVID deaths in US are now among unvaccinated."

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• From the makers of HUMP! and SPLIFF comes a new film fest that features short documentaries made by YOU! It's called SCOOP! and you can find out more about it here.

• And now... THE WEATHER REPORT: Get ready for more hot tomorrow with the high creeping up to 94!

• And finally, don't miss this FREAKING ADORABLE cartoon about how vaccines work... plus it has CATS!