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A woman sits on the ground, painting. She is a resident at the Laurelhurst camp.
Alma Barrett works on a painting at her Laurelhurst camp Wednesday. Alex Zielinski

I hope you’re staying hydrated, Portland! Here’s your reminder that the city and county have five cooling centers open until 9 pm tonight—please use them if you need them!

In local news:

• City contractors swept the encampment at Laurelhurst Park Thursday morning, displacing the estimated 50 unhoused people who lived there. The sweep is just another familiar step in an on-going cycle, according to several campers who plan on setting their tents back up within a day or two citing a lack of housing solutions that actually work for them.

• Did you have to fumble your way through pumping your own gas today? The Oregon Fire Marshal has suspended its enforcement of the regulations that prohibit self-service at gas stations due to the heat in an effort to protect outdoor workers. The temporary suspension lasts through Friday evening.

• All government buildings in Oregon now require visitors and employees to wear masks indoors. Governor Kate Brown joined Multnomah County and the City of Portland in requiring face coverings inside state, county and city buildings today. These policy changes come after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommended everyone wear masks indoors, regardless of vaccination status.

• The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife is taking a tit for tat approach to a wolf pack's recent attacks on livestock in Baker County, authorizing four wolves to be killed in reaction to the four cows the pack killed in the past two weeks. The lethal permit is granted when wolves pose a significant threat to livestock and nonlethal methods of deterring the pack have not worked. The permit has only been authorized six times since 2009.

In national news:

• Well, it’s official: Researchers say vaccinated people can carry and transmit the delta variant just as much as unvaccinated people. While vaccines are still highly effective at preventing serious cases of COVID, scientists who studied an outbreak in Massachusetts found that fully vaccinated people who experienced breakthrough cases are just as much vectors for transmitting the virus as unvaccinated people, disproving the previous idea that vaccinated people could only carry low levels of the virus that were unlikely to be passed to others.

• The Biden administration resumed deportation flights today, but about half of the families scheduled to be deported were removed from the two planes at the last minute after receiving positive coronavirus tests. US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) promptly filled most of those seats with single adult migrants and the planes delivered people to Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador.

• Women athletes at this year’s Olympic Games have routinely spoken out against baseless dress codes that require them to preform in much skimpier—and often inconvenient—uniforms than their male counterparts. Some feminist scholars and professional sports stakeholders are viewing the small protests, like Germany’s women’s gymnastics team wearing long unitards instead of leotards and the Norwegian beach handball team wearing shorts instead of bikini bottoms, as turning points in women’s sports.

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