The citys whack-a-mole approach to homeless sweeps.
The city's "whack-a-mole" approach to homeless sweeps. Alex Zielinski

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• Deputy Chief Chris Davis, is leaving the Portland Police to become chief in Green Bay, Wisconsin—so what does this mean for Portland's embattled department? Our Alex Zielinski has a deep dive into what city hall is saying about the departure, and what we can expect from the shakeup.

• Multnomah District Attorney Mike Schmidt, agreeing with the state Attorney General, has ordered the release of all the names of the people who died in Oregon's June heatwave, in order for the press to be able to analyze the causes of death, and determine how or if the state failed to sufficiently protect its citizens.

• In the past 24 hours, hundreds of lightning bolts have struck the dry-as-a-bone Oregon forests, causing no less than 50 new fires in the state. Firefighters have been jumping on them quickly to stop the spread.

• Last week marked the latest in the city's homeless sweeps, this time in Laurelhurst Park. But where do the houseless go after they've been swept? Our Alex Zielinski has the answer as well as a closer look at what the residents are going through.

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• A month later than Biden wanted, and in the midst of a deadly surge of new infections, the national vaccination rate has finally reached 70 percent, after Republican-led states (particularly in the South) have done an about-face and began promoting vaccines and mask wearing. (It also didn't hurt that employers are turning up the heat on their employees to get vaccinated.)

• Meanwhile, grotesque Trump enabler, Sen. Lindsey Graham, has tested positive for COVID-19, and is saying he's very glad he got the vaccine, otherwise his symptoms would've been much worse. MIXED FEELINGS ABOUT THIS ONE!

• Sounds about right: "Anti-mask protesters swarmed a St. Louis County council meeting. Then, an attendee tested positive for coronavirus."

• Thanks to the Supreme Court and inaction from Congress, the national eviction moratorium has expired, and Biden is asking states to step up and protect their renters. Oregon is already doing this, but good luck, all those who live in Republican-run states... they'd rather see you get evicted and die.

• IN SPORTING NEWS: The US Women's soccer team were defeated in another Olympic stunner—this time by Canada, 1-0—knocking them out of the semi-finals, and leaving them to fight for the bronze.

• Though she's never smoked, beloved comedian Kathy Griffin was operated on for lung cancer this weekend, but doctors are optimistic that she'll recover.

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• And now... THE WEATHER REPORT: Expect another hazy, sunshiny day tomorrow with a high of 94 degrees. (But some rain is on the horizon later this week!)

• And finally, Sen. Graham isn't going to die from COVID, but he's going to start wearing a mask, right? HOLD ON NOW LET'S NOT GET CARRIED...