As Portland's Transportation Commissioner, Hardesty Lets Equity Lead



Great article! Thank you.


“First, we would plan to move Harriet Tubman Middle School. We cannot subject kids to higher levels of pollution exacerbated by the construction and development air pollution increasing."
I like to rewrite what people write what don't make sense. I like Joann. The transfer is historic, record book historic. PBOT bikeways along Green Loop are NOT WORKING anywhere near as well as they should. The South Parks Block Bikeway routes all strip the Park Blocks of its dimensions and forest canopy. Hello? One more check against the Ted jerkwater Wheeler condescending patronizing liar sellout. Sign the petition, damnit!


Wow! What a propaganda piece this is. I hereby bow down to Saint JoAnn. Please, if you’re going to write such a puff piece and pass it off as journalism, at least try to mask your obvious bias and commitment to the woke narrative!


@3 Rightwing trigger alert!


Last I read she was in rehab for alcoholism.