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A doctor sticks a swab up someones nose, conducting a COVID test
Oregon reported one of the highest daily COVID-19 cases numbers since the start of the pandemic on Tuesday. Nathan Howard / Getty Images

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In local news:

• Stop me if you’ve heard this before: Mayor Wheeler has instructed the Portland Police Bureau (PPB) to conduct research on creating a program that would require officers to wear body cameras while on duty. This is the second time Wheeler has instructed the PPB to research a body camera program. Alex Zielinski breaks down this cyclical discussion that’s been kicked around City Hall for nearly a decade.

• Oregon just recorded one of its highest daily COVID-19 case counts since the start of the pandemic. The Oregon Health Authority reported 1,575 new COVID cases on Tuesday, as well as 39 new hospitalizations, bringing the total number of Oregonians hospitalized with COVID up to 379. County, state, and federal officials continue to urge everyone to wear masks indoors and get the vaccine.

• Jerusalem Rose offers “a culinary portrait of Palestine and the Palestine diaspora,” writes Janey Wong in her latest food review.

• Its been seven months since Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty started leading Portland Bureau of Transportation—check out our feature on what she’s accomplished, and her plans for the bureau:

• With the devastation of the Bootleg Fire comes an opportunity to learn more about wildfire mitigation and prevention. OPB reviewed some of Oregon’s worst “megafires” to see what forestry professionals and firefighters have learned about clean cuts, prescribed burns, and tree thinning throughout the years.

In national news:

• President Biden has called for New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to resign after the state attorney general’s investigators found Cuomo sexually harassed 11 women. Cuomo is continuing to deny the allegations, releasing a report in his defense that featured… photos of politicians hugging people?

• The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced a new federal eviction moratorium that will last through October 3. Details are currently scant, but earlier today President Biden hinted at the announcement, saying that he hopes the moratorium “covers close to 90 percent of the American people or renters.” The previous federal eviction moratorium ended August 1.

• A Pentagon police officer was killed Tuesday after being stabbed in the neck by an assailant, who was then shot and killed at the scene. The Pentagon was locked down for two hours following the incident and the FBI are investigating.

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