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Good morning, Portland! And good morning to all the good $6 burgers of Burger Week!

Aaaaand here are the headlines.

• Gov. Kate Brown extended the statewide moratorium on residential foreclosures yesterday, as the Delta COVID-19 surge continues to rip through Oregon. The moratorium was initially set to expire at the end of September; now, it will last through the end of the year.

• Speaking of COVID in Oregon: We just saw a 53 percent increase in weekly cases, setting a new record weekly total of 12,740 cases.

• The Clark County Sheriff's deputies who shot and killed Kevin Peterson Jr. up in Vancouver last year won't face any legal charges for their actions. An independent prosecutor determined that the cops were justified in shooting Peterson in the back as he was running away. “We are shocked an officer gets to shoot Kevin in the back because he’s tired of chasing him,” Peterson's family said in a statement. “This is unfair and unsafe for everyone in the community.”

• It's been more than a year since Portland City Council voted to disband the Gun Violence Prevention Team, a police unit focused on deterring gun crimes, citing the team's record of disproportionately pulling over Black drivers. Now, as Portland Police Bureau (PPB) attempts to build a new 12-officer team dedicated to gun violence, its leaders are hesitant to admit that the previous iteration did anything incorrect, let alone racially biased. That's making it difficult for the team's new oversight group to figure out its purpose—read more from our own Alex Zielinski.

• After a fast takeover of Kabul, Taliban leaders seem to be trying to reassure the many Afghans who are now desperate to flee the country. A Taliban spokesperson announced that those who aided the United States won't be punished, that government workers are encouraged to return to work, and that they "don't want women to be victims." Meanwhile, the United States isn't doing much to help those who aided the US military to escape.

• Here in the US, President Joe Biden is expected to recommend that all Americans get COVID booster shots eight months after our initial vaccination. Sounds good, but it'd be even better if they can do something about the hundreds of millions of Americans who still haven't gotten their first shot!

• Meanwhile, check out this flex, via an NPR headline: "New Zealand Is Locking Down The Entire Nation After Finding A Single Coronavirus Case."

• The megadrought in the Western US has prompted the federal government to declare the first-ever water shortage in the Colorado River. That will mean water cuts for much of the Southwest—and will hit farmers in Arizona especially hard.

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• And finally: Good for her!