State Transportation Commissioners Approve Rose Quarter Freeway Cover, But Only if Local Governments Agree to Pay



"OTC Vice-Chair Alando Simpson. “It’s time for those agencies to step up and say, ‘This is what we’re willing to put on the table.’"

This asshole has some nerve.

The agencies he's casually slamming are the same ones that put a $5 BILLION(!) transportation bond in front of Portland-region voters just a year ago. A huge portion of that bond would have funded deferred maintenance on ODOT's highways in the region.

So local taxpayers here would have paid a second time to repair 82nd Avenue, Powell Blvd, Lombard St, Barbur Blvd, TV Highway and others --letting ODOT off the hook on costs they should have been paying all along if they hadn't spent our tax money on fuck-knows-what.

Vice-Chair Simpson: Your agency is a basket case. Fix your own shit before slamming anybody else, you fucking fuckhead.


Yay for performative justice!