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Good morning, Portland! Take advantage of the next few days of sunshine, as we're heading towards a rainy end of the week. Let's get caught up on the news you might have missed from over the weekend:

- Portland police shot and injured a man who stole a pickup truck early Sunday. Officers shot the driver, 27-year-old Andreas Boinay, after cornering him and the car on a dead-end street in Northwest Portland. Police have not explained why they fired at Boinay, who has since been arrested.

- After years of back and forth debate over design, intent, and scope of Portland's Interstate 5 expansion project in the Rose Quarter, an impactful state transportation committee wants to know: Who's paying for it?

- The family of the Aaron “Jay” Danielson—man fatally shot during a pro-Trump rally in downtown Portland last summer—is suing the City of Portland, the mayor, and the district attorney due to their alleged negligence in preventing his death.

- Oregon’s flawed population data on Pacific Islanders has skewed the state’s COVID-19 vaccination data for that community. Mercury reporter Isabella Garcia explores how an undercounted and under-resourced population has fended for itself during the pandemic.

- Four Oregon dancers are suing six strip clubs for violating federal minimum wage laws, accusing the clubs’ owners of treating them like independent workers when they should be compensated as employees.

- A major health clinic in Roseburg, OR has been peddling lies about COVID-19 on its blog, just as the region sees a surge in hospital capacity due to the coronavirus. The local public health agency won’t push back on the misinformation, due to the region’s reliance on this particular clinic remaining open during the surge.

- President Biden is visiting Idaho and California today to survey wildfire damage and promote his massive $3.5 trillion spending plan (which purportedly will aid in wildfire defense).

- On Tuesday, California will hold a historic recall election against Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom. Here’s what you need to know about Larry Elder, the Black Republican radio personality who's leading the race to replace Newsom, and why he’s rubbed many Black Californians the wrong way.

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- A New York hospital will stop delivering babies after dozens of maternity ward employees quit over vaccine mandates.

- Finally: Where my hog-babes at?