Due to low vaccinations and a massive COVID surge, Idaho is being forced to ration medical care statewide.
Due to low vaccinations and a massive COVID surge, Idaho is being forced to ration medical care statewide. Nathan Howard / Getty News

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• This past spring, Portland City Council voted to make a significant investment in gun violence prevention programs to the tune of $6 million (AND none of it goes to the cops). However, the distribution of the funds to non-profits who can carry out the plan... well... it hasn't been going so good. Our Alex Zielinski explains why!

• The Nabisco workers strike, which started in Portland and spread across the country, may be coming to an end as a tentative agreement has been reportedly reached between the company and striking union workers—some of whom have been subject to intimidating, violent tactics from a hired security firm.

• SAD NEWS: Beloved and respected Metro Councilor Bob Stacey will be resigning from his council seat mid-term, due to his growing health issues.

• GOOD NEWS: An Oregon doctor has had his medical license revoked (and was fined $10,000) after he refused to follow COVID-19 guidelines in his office, spread mask misinformation, AND overprescribed opioids to his patients.

• Tell me if you've heard this one before: Portland cop shoots and kills a person in mental distress, and walks away with exactly ZERO consequences. Our Alex Zielinski has all the details of this latest tragedy (collect all 3,457).

• Tell me if you've heard this one before AGAIN:

• Get your thinking brain on! It's time once again for the sassiest quiz in town, POP QUIZ PDX, featuring a pants-load of fun questions about local trivia, which Nabisco snacks you should be boycotting, and a special "subjective" question about which Simpsons character you'd get tattooed on your right bicep. BEING SMART HAS NEVER BEEN SO FUN!


• Idaho's massive COVID surge has forced the Department of Health and Welfare to declare medical treatment rationing throughout the state, thanks to Idaho being one of the least vaccinated states in the nation. How will the "rationing" work? According to the report, "scarce resources such as ICU beds will be allotted to the patients most likely to survive."

• The Department of Homeland Security has issued a warning about the possibility of violence on both Friday and Saturday of this week in Washington, DC, as extremist right-wingers are threatening to show up for a "Justice for J6" rally that seeks to defend the terrorists who attacked the nation's capitol on January 6. And look out, Oregon: Similar events are planned in various state capitols over the coming month.

• A Black woman who was beaten and yanked out of her car by a Philadelphia cop is now (RIGHTLY!) suing the shit out of the police union for using a misleading photo of her child on social media, claiming he was wandering aimlessly when he had actually been taken by the cops. If you don't already see how police unions are an imminent and ever-present danger to people of color in this country, this story will convince you.

• In "too little, waaaaay too late" news: Facebook announced it will start cracking down and disabling accounts of users who use the platform to "cause social harm." They're talking about groups and individuals who cause harm, for example, by spreading COVID misinformation (Hi, Nicki Minaj!), but probably not my Aunt Becky who won't stop bitching about having to wear a mask while under the dryer at the beauty parlor.

• Actor Mayim Bialik and former champion Ken Jennings will be the temporary Jeopardy hosts throughout the end of the year, and to the surprise of no one, LeVar Burton fans are NOT happy.

• Today in YEP, YEP, YEP, YEP, YEP! "Roger Stone served with Capitol riot lawsuit during radio interview."

• Today in NOPE, NOPE, NOPE, NOPE, NOPE! "A woman saw a gynecologist for nine years. Then she discovered he was her biological father, lawsuit claims."

• Reminder: Babydog wants you to get your vaccine.

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