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The Newberg School Board approves its racist/homophobic ban on Black Lives Matter and Pride symbols across the district.
The Newberg School Board approves its racist/homophobic ban on Black Lives Matter and Pride symbols across the district. Newberg School District

GOOD MORNING, PORTLAND! Bet you make the fool run, bet you know how to make it last forever. But you know I'm never really sure if you're just kissing to be clever. LET'S GO TO PRESS.


• The heavily conservative Newberg School Board has voted 4-3 to officially adopt a racist/homophobic ban on Black Lives Matter and Pride symbols or anything that they've deemed “political, quasi-political or controversial.” District teachers can now be reported if these symbols are displayed in the classroom, which means the district will undoubtedly see lots of lawsuits, the scorn of the nation, and most likely, these symbols will now be everywhere. Soooo... good luck enforcing that intolerant policy!

• Gov. Brown announced yesterday that Pfizer booster shots are now available for high-risk Oregonians who got their second dose at least six months ago. "High risk" covers everyone 65 and older, living in a long-term care facility, adults with underlying medical conditions, and those who are at a higher risk of COVID exposure due to their job, like healthcare workers, teachers, and grocery store workers. Find out more in this report from our Isabella Garcia!

• A coalition of Black Oregonians are pushing hard on lawmakers to hurry up and properly address a list of demands issued last year to address racial disparities in such areas as police and housing reform, public health, education, transportation, and more. While incremental progress has been made, there's still a long way to go.

• While Oregon Dems got the redistricting map they wanted, challenges may be on the way—particularly in the form of a ballot measure that could negate partisanship by choosing an independent commission to assign districts in the future.

• If you are gluten-free (or just a fan of delicious food), you will definitely want to check out the new Mestizo, which features traditional Latin American food with a GF flair! Our Janey Wong has the review.


• Biden's $3.5 trillion plan to get the rich and wealthy companies to pay for a social services net is reportedly making progress, but Democratic holdouts—the usual suspects—must still be convinced to get on board if it has any hope of getting passed.

• The ivory-billed woodpecker, along with 22 other species of birds, fish, and more, have been officially declared "extinct" according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service—and as the effects of climate change increase, many more may be on the way.

• It certainly took long enough, but YouTube has announced a total ban on anti-vaccine misinformation and has kicked several prominent anti-vaxxers off the platform.

• SAAAAAD TROMMMMBOOOOONE: "Trump loses case against Omarosa Manigault Newman, who wrote tell-all White House book."

• Another reason why billionaires can go fuck themselves: "Musk says he's sending Bezos silver medal after retaking world's richest person designation."

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