Former Portland Thorns coach Paul Riley has been accused of sexual coercion.
Former Portland Thorns coach Paul Riley has been accused of sexual coercion. Streeter Lecka /Getty Images Sport

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• Paul Riley, a former coach for the Portland Thorns, has been accused of sexual coercion according to this report from The Athletic. In response the Portland Thorns' front office has issued an apology to former Portland players Sinead Farrelly and Meleana Shim for the abuse they suffered, adding Riley's actions was one reason why the team severed ties with the coach. Thorns fans are not having it, taking particular aim at owner Merritt Paulson.

• The locations of three of the six new sanctioned camps (AKA "Safe Rest Villages") for the houseless have been announced by the city: one is downtown at 2300 SW Naito, another at 45th and SE Harney in the Brentwood-Darlington neighborhood, and the third is in a Trimet-owned lot at SE 122nd and East Burnside in the Hazelwood neighborhood. The other three locations are expected to be announced soon.

• Despite a horrific surge in COVID-19 cases and deaths, and despite the National Guard being called in to help overwhelmed hospitals, county leaders in Southern Oregon continue to ignorantly rail against COVID precautions and mandates. But yes, by all means, the rest of us should bend over backward to "understand" them.

• Related: "Oregon Health Authority reports 79 schools with active COVID-19 outbreaks, up from 48."

• Especially related: "COVID-19 deaths are much higher in Washington’s Republican counties, analysis shows."

• Portland Commissioner Dan Ryan—not exactly a crowd favorite—announced he will run for re-election next year.

• Hey, it's not too late to catch Outside the Frame: Riders in the Storm, a showcase of very interesting short films by homeless and marginalized youth, tonight at the Hollywood Theatre at 7 pm! Our Blair Stenvick has the preview.

• Don't miss this week's very funny edition of POP QUIZ PDX, featuring a load of local trivia, newsy noggin-scratchers, and this week's subjective question: Who's the biggest a-hole in "Ferris Bueller's Day Off"?


• Democrats were once again forced to save the day, passing legislation today that narrowly avoided a partial government shutdown. Most Republicans voted against it, because they hate America.

• Meanwhile, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is pushing ahead with Biden's $3.5 trillion plan to expand healthcare, education, and other social service programs despite lacking confirmed votes from obstructionist Dems like Sen. Joe Manchin who said he'd vote for it at less than half the cost—which would pretty much gut the most important parts of the legislation. Meanwhile progressives are balking as well, saying that the plan doesn't go far enough to protect Americans.

• Whoopsy-doodle! A hack of the extremist Oath Keepers membership list revealed that several New York cops and public servants are members of the far-right, anti-government militia.

• This year's Super Bowl halftime show is expected to feature the following: Dr. Dre (okay), Snoop Dogg (fine, whatever), Eminem (gross), Kendrick Lamar (hell yeah!), and Mary J. Blige (DOUBLE HELL YEAH!).

• Facts: Hips don't lie, and neither does Shakira.

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