Portland Thorns owner Merritt Paulson apologizes to players whove accused former coach Paul Riley of sexual coercion and harassment.
Portland Thorns owner Merritt Paulson apologizes to players who've accused former coach Paul Riley of sexual coercion and harassment. Steve Dykes / Getty Images

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• Portland Thorns owner Merritt Paulson has written a public apology to the players who say they were sexually harassed and coerced by former coach Paul Riley. He added that the owners and management should have been more transparent when they investigated Riley's actions in 2015, and also mentioned the current steps they're taking to avoid such incidents in the future. However he didn't explain why Thorns management spoke about Riley in such glowing terms after letting him go, and why they neglected to mention anything about the accusations at the time. If you want more background on this evolving story, check out this article from Abe Asher.

• Nearly 3,400 Oregon healthcare workers at Kaiser Permanente are prepping to go on strike after contract negotiations between management and workers across the country stalled out. Abe Asher has the details.

• Another member of the Multnomah County Commission, Lori Stegmann, has thrown her hat into the ring for the job of Chair that's being vacated by a termed-out Deborah Kafoury. Co-commissioners Jessica Vega Pederson and Sharon Meieran are also vying for the seat. Our Isabella Garcia has more.

• Calling all rhino fans: The Oregon Zoo is welcoming King—an 8-year-old 3,000 lb. rhinoceros—into their family, and they're expecting a female rhino to join him later this fall.


• Slapping down a Trump-era rule, the Biden administration has reversed a ban on abortion referrals made by the federal family planning program first instituted during the Obama years.

• Today in BOO-HOO-HOO: Facebook and Instagram crapped the bed worldwide for most of the day and still isn't quite right—though it was never "quite right" was it? Anyway, at this point nobody quite knows what happened.

• Former Facebook product manager Frances Haugen has come out as the whistleblower who accused the tech giant of ignoring warnings about the site promoting misinformation and extremism—she'll be testifying about that and more Facebook malfeasance in front of Congress tomorrow.

• Investigators are currently looking into the what could've caused a major oil spill off the coast of California, and currently suspect it may have been a ship's anchor striking an oil pipeline on the ocean floor.

• Biden had strong words today for Senate Republicans to “get out of the way” and let Democrats suspend the nation’s debt limit to avoid an October 18 deadline that if missed could send the country into credit default. Senate Minority Turtle Mitch McConnell only wants to see failure, so don't expect any help from him.

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