Kristoff is obviously a twat, but if a "cishet white guy" characterized a group of PEOPLE as "those" there would hell to pay in the pages of this very paper. People are "them."


It's a little bit embarrassing whenever the Mercury adds political commentary to its lineup of weed news, sex advice and reviews of their boyfriends' band.


I’ll leave this here:


It's delicious that Kristoff is running for governor Oregon.

He's such an enormous embarrassment to the rest of us when he mentions he's from Oregon in his column. I feel like I have spent my entire life apologizing for his existence as an Oregonian and trying to convince outsiders the rest of us are not the same shade of small minded bigot he has proven to be.

Oregonians, in large part due to our troubled racial history are an enormously open minded decent people when it comes to the choices of other adults not like us make with their lives.

The idea that this NYT church marm who makes Kipling's "White Man's Burden" blush by comparison to his own level of white savior complex is too much to stomach. Kristoff's career of terrorizing sex workers to please his homophobic church group supporters is appalling. If he was running for the town in "Deliverance" I could see him having a bright future. But Oregon, with our history of tolerance? His deep and unresolved sexual issues around women having sex in ways he and his homophobic church groups like Exodus Cry doesn't approve is not really what we are looking for. Otherwise, we would have elected someone from Pakistan as governor of the great state of Oregon.

Look, he's a fine Swanee Hunt pet and if you are looking for a guy with the moral values to lead women's rights into the 17th century than sure, chronic pearl clutcher Kristoff is the right man to use the criminal system to punish adults for having sex in ways he doesn't approve of.

But Kristoff as governor in this century where women don't still wear chastity belts, or need his personal approval about who they can have sex with? I'm just not seeing it.


@3: Was this a swipe at Kristoff's career of shallow moralism, or his ethical failures as a journalist?

Kristoff supported the bombing of Libya, then never circled back to mention it again after things went terribly wrong.

He pushed for the take down of Backpage, then said nothing when sex workers were pushed out onto the far more dangerous streets. He pushed the story of grifter somaly-mam so he could play the white savior, than did not change course once it was clear his false narrative around her lies was placing actual sex workers at greater danger.

They guy is a deeply narcissistic scum bag who's radical indifference to the consequences of his self promotion has left a trail if deal marginalized people in his wake.

It will be an honor to vote against his as many times as I can in a single election.

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