Over 200 City, County Employees Poised to Lose Their Job Monday Over Vaccine Mandates



Good riddance. People who can't be bothered to give a shit about the public they serve (or humanity in general) deserve to be fired from their jobs. Good luck getting a new job without being vaccinated. There is no right to spread disease. There is no right to sicken other people or kill them.

The Supreme Court decided this in 1905. It's why smallpox doesn't exist. And everyone in jobs today refusing vaccines to stop the spread of COVID all had to get vaccinated to attend school in this country. Getting vaccinated is not a hardship. It is something you do as a member of a (so-called) civilized society. Feel free to go live in a hole in the ground and leave the rest of us to get on with our lives.


The County approved 192 religious exemptions and denied only 11. That means that among County employees who claim that their religion prohibits them from being vaccinated, 95% were granted the County's seal of approval.

Seems like a rather sudden burst of religiosity in a community not previously known for such things.

The Mercury should request details of these exemptions (with the individual names redacted), so that the public can find out more about these religions that are so wildly at odds with all the major world faiths.

What duties will their acolytes be assigned to do? Besides waiving the vaccination requirement, what other accommodations will be required? Do these folks have holidays? Dietary restrictions?

The County operates three jails, and it's common for prisoners to ask for accommodation for their religious views, especially dietary ones. These are routinely denied. Are inmates allowed to use this new 95%-approval standard for their claims too?