Trump sues to block January 6 documents from getting into the hands of congressional investigators—you know... like innocent people do.
Trump sues to block January 6 documents from getting into the hands of congressional investigators—you know... like innocent people do. Brent Stirton / Getty Images News

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• If climate change is getting you spooked because you feel like no one is doing anything about it, then by all means check out the "Mercury's Food & Drink Guide: Eating Sustainably" which has a poop-ton of super-smart, interesting stories about local restaurateurs, farmers, brewers, and more who are making the world a much better (and tastier) place!

• According to a new forecast from OHSU, they have some promising news for the COVID-weary: Our drop in virus-related hospitalizations will continue, and that by around December 26, Oregon could reach the fabled "herd immunity," in which 85 percent of the state's population are either vaccinated or become immune after catching and recovering from it. (Be the former, not the latter.)

• To combat the incessant bellyaching from hypocritical, lawsuit-filing Oregon Republicans, the National Democratic Redistricting Committee is stepping in to counter the notion that state Dems "gerrymandered" Oregon's new congressional map, and are insisting that the map and the process used to come up with it was both fair and legal.

• If you haven't read this investigative deep-dive from OPB about extremists embedded in law enforcement agencies around the state, welp, here ya go: "Dozens of Oregon law enforcement officers have been members of the far-right Oath Keepers militia."

• Oregon Senate President Peter Courtney agrees with those in Josephine County that say that the problem of illegal pot farms has gotten so out of hand (and dangerous!) the National Guard should be sent in to help curb them.


• This should come as no shock: Bloviating loser/serial liar Donald Trump has filed a federal lawsuit to block the release of documents connected to the January 6 domestic terrorist attack on the nation's capitol, to keep them out of the hands of congressional investigators—because that's just the sort of thing innocent people do.

• ICYMI, former Secretary of State Colin Powell has died of COVID-19 complications at the age of 84. Though he was vaccinated, his bout with cancer and advanced age made him too susceptible to the virus.

• The Biden administration is asking the Supreme Court to block the draconian Texas abortion ban while the lower courts decide whether or not the objectively terrible law is unconstitutional.

• Speaking of the ever-sketchy Supreme Court: In two recent "qualified immunity" cases of cops using excessive force, guess who the Court sided with?

• Today in "Don't Let the Door Hit Your Ass on the Way Out": "ESPN reporter Allison Williams leaving network over Covid vaccine mandate."

• In 2007, Microsoft CEO (and still married!) Bill Gates reportedly was told to stop sending inappropriate, flirty emails to a midlevel female employee, and while complaints were never filed, Gates reportedly agreed that the emails "weren't a good idea."

• Remember when "celebrity gossip" was something we marginally gave a shit about?: "Kourtney Kardashian and Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker are engaged."

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• And now... THE WEATHER REPORT: A mostly sunny day tomorrow with a high of 66. (But lots of rain awaits in the week ahead!)

• And finally... well, America... we had a good run.