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Jamie McLeod-Skinner is challenging Rep. Kurt Schrader from the left.
Jamie McLeod-Skinner is challenging Rep. Kurt Schrader from the left. campaign photo

Good morning, Portland! Looking for a good scare? Check out SLAY, our very own short horror film fest, streaming online and showing at the Clinton Street Theater this weekend!

Here are the headlines.

• The Oregon Health Authority announced yesterday that 80 percent of adults in Oregon have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccination. Sixty-eight percent of all Oregonians have gotten at least one shot, and that number includes kids who are too young to get the vaccine.

• Brookings, a town on the Oregon coast, is setting a new low for how local governments treat unhoused people. Brookings City Council voted yesterday to limit the number of meals churches can give to homeless people to only two per week. The move came after housed people started complaining about churches near them attracting unhoused people to their area. One church, St. Timothy’s Episcopal, says they won't comply, and will go to court if necessary—bless that church!

• Here's your Halloweekend weather forecast:

• Kurt Schrader, the Joe Manchin/Kyrsten Sinema of Oregon, has a challenger in the 2022 race to represent Oregon's 5th district in Congress. Jamie McLeod-Skinner, an elected official in Jefferson County who sought the Secretary of State title last year, is planning to primary Schrader from the left.

• For the first time, a person who was interned at Guantanamo Bay during the brutal days of the United State's war on terror has spoken publicly about the treatment he suffered there. Majid Khan, a former courier for al-Qaida, said in court yesterday that he was subjected to sexual and emotional abuse and unthinkable physical torture at CIA blacksites. "I would beg them to stop and swear to them that I didn't know anything," Khan said. "If I had intelligence to give I would have given it already but I didn't have anything to give."

• A very informative read about how Big Oil is even worse than you thought:

• The Paris Agreement—a pact among 200 countries to fight global warming—was signed six years ago, but carbon emissions continue to increase each year. This Sunday, the annual United Nations Climate Change Conference kicks off in Scotland, and world leaders are feeling the pressure to finally fucking do something about it.

• Speaking of finally fucking doing something, President Joe Biden has a new Build Back Better bill, and it's missing a few key promised items. Read about what got cut (paid family leave!) and what's still there ($550 billion to fight climate change!) here.

• And finally, start your weekend off right with some hot music recs: