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Good morning, Portland! Here's hoping your Halloween candy hangover won't linger too long into this gray, drizzly Monday. The first week of November has promised us more cold, wet days with unusual amounts of wind. Stay bundled out there, friends.

- A Portland man was grazed by a bullet while sleeping Saturday morning when someone shot into his bedroom window in Southeast Portland. It gets worse, according to the Oregonian: “The shooting is at least the second to injure a sleeping Southeast Portland resident recently.”

- When Naito Parkways construction concludes, your favorite itty-bitty park—Mills End—will be sitting six inches west of its original location. Read more about the big move of the world’s smallest city park here.

- A year of negotiations over a statewide environmental protection plan that wouldn’t have negative impacts on the timber industry concluded over the weekend, purporting to have somehow pleased both environmentalists and loggers. OPB breaks down the historic agreement.

- At least 2,000 firefighters in New York City are on sick leave in protest of the city’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate, which goes into effect today. I may still need to do my own research, but this seems like it might be an unsafe idea.

- The US Supreme Court is hearing arguments this morning in a case related to Texas' latest anti-abortion law. Per NPR: "At issue is whether a state can nullify a constitutional right — in this case the right to abortion — by delegating enforcement not to state officials, but to private citizens who are authorized to sue abortion providers and anyone else who aids or abets an abortion." Follow along here.

- President Biden attempted to undo the damage done to the environment by his predecessor in talks at the G-20 climate summit this weekend—while also pushing major polluters like China and Russia to limit carbon emissions. Today, Biden heads to the UN climate summit, where he’s expected to say the same stuff. Thrilling!

- Today in head-scratching headlines:

- In other Shanghai news: Officials locked more that 30,000 visitors inside Shanghai Disneyland Sunday night after a positive COVID-19 test was detected on the grounds. Visitors couldn't leave until they tested negative for the virus, keeping many shuttered in the happiest place on earth past midnight.

- A man died after being gored by a bull during a bull-running festival in Spain and all I want to know is, for the love of god, why are people still running in the streets with bulls?!

- A man dressed in a Joker costume stabbed at least one person on a Tokyo commuter train and then started a fire, injuring at least 17 passengers. I hate everything about this news.

- Lastly, I leave you with this announcement: