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The stags red nose will be lit on
The stag's red nose will be lit on November 24, the day before Thanksgiving. Seth K. Hughes / Getty Images

In local news:

• In late September, Troutdale City Councilor Alison Caswell boasted about community clean up efforts along the Sandy River Delta on social media. Caswell’s cheery post left out the fact that several people who live in homeless encampments along the river called law enforcement while the cleanup was happening, accusing Caswell and her volunteers of tearing down occupied camps and throwing away personal possessions. The Multnomah County Sheriff’s department is currently investigating the incident, and believes Caswell likely broke the law. The incident is an insight into how East Multnomah County lacks the awareness and services to assist its growing homeless population.

• If you saw the White Stag’s nose lit up this morning and did a double take, don’t worry—it was a false alarm! The red nose will be re-lit on November 24:

• The historic Juliana v. the United States case, in which 21 youth sued the federal government over a lack of preventive action against climate change, is heading to trial after failed settlement negotiations. “We gave it our best shot,” attorney Julia Olson said. “And maybe there will be another opportunity in the future. But for now, our eyes are on trial.”

• Looking for something to bring you back to life? Check out Elinor Jones’ Q&A with Evanescence’s Amy Lee and Halestorm’s Lzzy Hale!

In national news:

• An advisory panel for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommended authorization for Pfizer’s youth vaccine Tuesday. The CDC is expected to make its final ruling in the next couple days, after which Oregon's own expert panel will make its ruling.

• Interesting tech news: Facebook is planning to shut down its facial recognition system this month, deleting facial scans of more than one billion users. The social media company has been operating the facial recognition system, which has been the target of government investigations over privacy concerns, to help users tag their photos for over a decade. While facial recognition software has been used by police and global governments to identify and track people, Facebook never sold its system to a third party and only used it on its own platform.

• Lots of eyes are on Virginia’s governor race where polls show Democratic former governor Terry McAuliffe and Trump-endorsed Glenn Youngkin are currently neck-and-neck. Here is why people care.

• Voters in Minneapolis, Minnesota, are deciding whether or not their police department should be replaced with a public safety department. Reliable results from that election won’t start rolling in until Wednesday, but here’s the page to watch for all you eager beavers.

In more jovial news:

• If you need a drink, you won’t want to miss the Mercury’s “Shot & Beer” week, featuring creative, one-of-a-kind pairings of shots and beers from your fave local drinkeries. It all goes down from November 8 through 14, and you can get a taste of all the offerings here!

• And finally, CONTROVERSY!