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Blazers General Manager Neil Olshey sits next to Damian Lillard.
Blazers General Manager Neil Olshey sits next to Damian Lillard. Steve Dykes / Getty Images

Good morning, Portland! Hopefully the end of Daylight Saving Time this weekend means you're starting the week well-rested, if not a little disoriented. Welcome! Don't let this morning's sunny skies fool you: This week is going to be another soaker. Now, for the news:

- On Saturday, the Portland Trail Blazers announced that the organization is investigating its general manager Neil Olshey for alleged workplace misconduct. The outside firm hired to lead the investigation will present its findings in the near future.

- Portland City Council will hear public feedback this week on how it should spend an unusually high budget surplus in coming months. As a reminder, here’s where Mayor Ted Wheeler would like a chunk of the money to be spent.

- Oregon Congressman Kurt Schrader, a deeeeeeply moderate Democrat, says he might vote against President Biden’s “Build Back Better” bill, due to potential budgetary concerns. Classic Kurt. Over the weekend, we also learned that Schrader will be running for reelection in 2022 in his same fifth district, even though a new sixth US House seat given to Oregon cuts into the fifth’s original borders.

- Elon Musk goes after Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden in the most mature manner:

- Eight people are dead—and dozens more injured—from being swept up in a massive crowd surge during a Travis Scott concert in Houston. Numerous videos taken from the show depict staff not responding to cries for help or demands to stop the show due to the injuries. The stories from surviving concert-goers are horrific. Texas law enforcement is now investigating the “mass casualty incident.”

- Headline of the day: “A broken toilet on SpaceX capsule means astronauts will return to Earth in diapers

- The US is lifting its COVID-19 international travel ban today, allowing vaccinated people from across the globe to visit the US after more than a year shut out.

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- Big Bird gets it:

- Thousands gathered in Glasgow, Scotland this weekend to protest a lack of global action to combat climate change. Glasgow is currently hosting the COP26 global climate summit, where more than 100 leaders from across the globe are meeting to discuss global warming. "It's kind of a cornucopia of different groups," said an NPR reporter of the protesters on the ground. "You have farmers, trade unionists, climate activists, even Scottish independence advocates. A wide-ranging coalition of people coming together for what they consider a common cause."

- Nicaragua’s President Daniel Ortega is running for a fourth term in office—but not leaving any room for competition. Ortega has jailed dozens of opponents in the presidential election, along with journalists who’ve written critically about his leadership. In protest of their dictator-in-chief, many Nicaraguans plan on sitting the election out.