City program requests more money for homeless sweeps.
City program requests more money for homeless sweeps. Alex Zielinski

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• Last night the public weighed in with a LOT of opinions regarding Mayor Wheeler's plans about how the city should be spending an unexpected budget surplus of $62 million. (Spoiler alert: If approved, $10 million could be going to the cops... who I thought were supposed to be defunded?) Our Alex Zielinski has all the juicy details.

• Related: The leaders of the program that conducts homeless sweeps is asking City Council to approve funding to double their number of employee sweepers. Sounds like they have big plans!

• Expect a bucket-load of rain tonight and through tomorrow as officials are warning of possible floods due to the coming downpour.

• Two civil rights organizations are pressuring the feds to investigate the Vancouver Police Department and the Clark County Sheriff’s Office due to the agencies' “pattern of deadly force, disparate policing, and favoritism toward known white supremacist extremist groups.”

• Next Tuesday is a big day for the wondrous local drag goddess Darcelle (Walter Cole), who not only celebrates his 91st birthday, but also will see his club Darcelle XV put on the National Register of Historic Places! Woot! Woot!

• If you're looking for the best new music and what shows to see this weekend, may I please point you in the direction of Jenni Moore's latest excellent edition of "Hear in Portland!"


• An appeals court has temporarily allowed Trump to block the Biden administration from giving congress the former presidents documents that would show what sort of shenanigans he was up to on the day of January 6 when domestic terrorists were attacking the capitol. However, the court said it's fast-tracking the case for November 30 when they'll issue a final decision. And then?

• Another death has been reported from the deadly crowd surge at Travis Scott's Astroworld festival, this time a college student, bringing the death toll to nine.

• The defense has rested in the case of Kenosha shooter Kyle Rittenhouse—who murdered two and wounded another during a 2020 Wisconsin protest. The decision now goes to an overwhelmingly white jury, soooooooo... that could be problematic.

• Also, this:

• Today in "Ummmm... ew?" news: "Subway tuna lawsuit claims chicken, pork DNA were found in samples."

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• And now... THE WEATHER REPORT: Whoopee! Steady heavy rain tomorrow with a high of 63.

• And finally, the next time an alligator threatens me, I'd like the assistance of this lady!