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Sen. Betsy Johnson, running as an independent for governor, just hopped past Nicholas Kristof in the race for who can raise the most money from sketchy sources.
Sen. Betsy Johnson, running as an independent for governor, just hopped past Nicholas Kristof in the race for "who can raise the most money from sketchy sources". Betsy Johnson Campaign

GOOD MORNING, PORTLAND! Pick up your feet. You've got to move to the trick of the beat. There is no elite. Just take your place in the driver's seat. LET'S GO TO PRESS.


• Reynolds Middle School announced they will be sending all students home for remote learning for three weeks following a spree of fights and disruptive behavior while the faculty develops safety and emotional support protocols.

• State Sen. Betsy Johnson, a former Democrat who's running for governor as an independent, said she has raked in more than $2 million in donations (mostly from right-of-center donors and big business), doubling the amount of money former NYT columnist Nicholas Kristof has raised thus far ($1 million, mostly from rich out of state donors) in his bid for the governor's seat.

• Donavan LaBella, the man who was shot in the head by the feds while peacefully protesting in 2020, is suing the federal government for excessive force, negligence, and emotional distress.

• Congrats to Chuck F. Sams III who has been officially confirmed by the Senate as the first Native American to serve as director of the National Park Service. Sams is a member of the Cayuse and Walla Walla tribes and the former director of the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation.

• Portland's Image Comics produces some the most well-known comic books and graphic novels—and they also may soon be home to a new employee union who are asking for a few of the normal workplace goals, as well as some that come as a surprise. Matt Baume has more.


• After months of back and forth, the House narrowly passed Biden's social safety net/climate change bill, one of the most consequential and necessary pieces of legislation in decades. Now it goes to the Senate for more bickering and watering down by narcissistic Republicans and obstinate, society-hating Democrats. (Oh, and House Minority Turd Kevin McCarthy ranted on the floor for hours in an impotent attempt to delay the vote. He failed, because he is a failure.)

• EAT THE RICH!! (Jeez, just joking.)

• As expected, the FDA has approved booster COVID-19 vaccine shots for all adults who received their second dose at least six months ago. If the CDC also approves, Americans could start getting their boosters as soon as this weekend.

• Welcome to day four of jury deliberations in the murder trial of Kyle Rittenhouse, who shot and killed two people during a 2020 political protest. (Be sure to ration those fingernails... you may need something to chew over the weekend.)

• Say hello to PRESIDENT KAMALA HARRIS (at least temporarily) as Biden undergoes a routine colonoscopy and physical today in which he'll be under anesthesia for a few minutes. So... no funny business, Russia! President Harris isn't going to put up with your shit!

• Suspicions are growing to a fever pitch over the mysterious disappearance of Peng Shuai, the Chinese tennis star who hasn’t been seen since she leveled allegations of sexual assault against a former top official in the Chinese Communist Party.

• Two people who were convicted of killing Malcolm X over 50 years ago have been exonerated by a judge who said new evidence indicates that authorities at the time withheld critical evidence.

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