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Unregulated private security companies are serving as de facto Portland cops.
Unregulated private security companies are serving as de facto Portland cops. Lunderhill / Getty Images

GOOD MORNING, PORTLAND! I used to have a lover with a Midas touch. I turned to gold, but he turned to dust. LET'S GO TO PRESS.


• Gov. Kate Brown is calling for a special, emergency legislative session on December 13 to address much-needed renter protections for those who have been affected by the pandemic. Potentially on the docket: Protecting those who are trying obtain rental assistance from an overloaded system, additional monetary assistance for low-income Oregonians, long-term eviction protection, and more. Our Alex Zielinski has the details.

• Prominent downtown business owners, upset by homelessness and frustrated with city leaders, have started hiring private security firms to deal with their perceived problems. Unfortunately, unlike the city's police, these private companies are unregulated by the state, and they've been getting away with assaulting the homeless, pushing campers out of their spots, and making demonstrably false statements to law enforcement. WHAT THE HELL?

• At today's council meeting, Portland's city council will be considering funding for a program that will put cooling units into the hands of vulnerable people most likely to be affected by the next heatwave. As a reminder, the heatwave in June killed more than 60 Multnomah County residents, most of whom lived alone without proper air conditioning. Our Isabella Garcia has more on the city's plan.

• Portland Public School officials and the teachers' union are at odds over a plan to use Fridays as a day for high schoolers to learn remotely and teachers to plan their studies, citing the educators' heavy workload. While they agree that teachers need more time, school leaders say remote learning unfairly burdens students of color across the district.

• Mark Leroy Dencklau, the president of a local motorcycle club, has been found guilty by a federal court on charges of murder, racketeering, and kidnapping following the brutal, 2015 killing of a fellow member of the club. The club's national president, who was also charged of racketeering, was acquitted.


• Arguments have begun in the Supreme Court case regarding a draconian Mississippi anti-abortion law that is sure to have ramifications on Roe v Wade, putting the legal medical procedure in danger—especially with six anti-abortion justices on the court. Reminder: the majority of Americans support abortion rights.

• The CDC is considering implementing tougher travel rules for international flights, and may require travelers to provide negative COVID-19 tests before getting on the plane.

• A Michigan 15-year-old is in custody following another horrifying school shooting that has left three dead and 8 injured. While the teen has so far not disclosed his motive for the murders, the gun was recently purchased on Black Friday by the suspect's father.

• CNN has indefinitely suspended anchor Chris Cuomo for using his power and connections to pass information along to help his brother, former Gov. Andrew Cuomo, defend himself against sexual harassment charges.

• Unsurprising headline of the day: "Trump tested positive for coronavirus before first debate with Biden, former chief of staff says."

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• And now... THE WEATHER REPORT: Expect a partly sunny day with a balmy high of 61.

• And finally, if you're thinking you'll do anything as fantastic as this today... welllllll... maybe consider setting your bar a wee bit lower.