So, if they're losing money on their "parking program" wouldn't the more logical answer be to abandon it and bring back free parking in the majority of the city. In the past only the downtown core was metered which was really done to limit time a given space in order to provide parking for downtown businesses but now there are "parking kitty" machines in residential areas of inner Portland. I guess the only answer to PBOT is "more revenue, more authority, etc. etc." They are a city bureau who has made an effort to make the average Portlands residents life a little shittier year by year.


This is only going to hurt the struggling lower middle class. Another PDX regressive tax.


It's clear that the previous two commenters either didn't actually read the article, or are too stupid to understand it in its entirety.


Excellent. They should expand meters to heavily trafficked areas like Mississippi Ave, Alberta Street, Belmont, and Hawthorne and try to get the people driving to those neighborhoods to take trimet instead of drinking and driving.

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