You said this coalition represented unhoused people.

Then you spoke to 1-2-3-4-5-6, yes 6 paid staffpeople of various nonprofits. None of whom sleep in the rain and all of whom collect a paycheck.

Whatever happened to "nothing about us without us"? A lot of these people are as bad as Wheeler.


You can give people everything, and their situation will never change. The path forward means getting criminals and guns off the streets, the mentally on their meds, the drug addicts off their meds and all an opportunity to work and take pride in their accomplishments. Those that cannot care for themselves, we take care of in a humane way. Leaving people on the street to rot, like we do now, is wrong.


Try these 3 solution notions. 1st, Help unhoused people afford market-rate apartments with rent support payments or vouchers. 2nd, Purchase entire residential properties sitting empty and turn them into affordable housing. 3rd, Make sure current affordable rental units are available with public funds and easy to apply for. Leaving people on the street to rot is wrong. And you better believe the mayor doesn't care. Worst mayor in 50 years I been here. Next worst, worst mayor is Mr Adams and his next this time terrible idea.
Ted should resign office and politics for the rest of his life.


2023? Where are they supposed to go until then? We need affordable housing!

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