A man matched with a woman in an ethical non-monogamous relationship. She proposed they meet at a lifestyle club. He had never heard of lifestyle clubs before and wonders if this is an elaborate scam to boost the club’s membership. Is this on the up and up?

A man started seeing a new woman, and it’s time to share his kinks. He's into cross-dressing. (Ho hum.) And wearing maxi pads. (Oh my!) How can he tell her this without scaring her off?

Speaking of scaring people off…our "What You Got" is extra spicy today. In what must be our first combination of a "What You Got" and Darwin Award nomination, a man inserted the straw from a can of spray foam insulation into his urethra, and pressed the button. Dr. Susan MacDonald, the intrepid researcher and Urology Professor, presents this case study with more calm than most of us are capable of.

And, a domme woman is trying to get pregnant with her sub. How can they adjust their sex practices to maximize the chances of fertilization?

We’re looking for answers here.

Listen here:

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