The number one way to deal with climate change is to have less people living on earth. The Republicans and all of their forced birthers are about to make that impossible. People should be pissed that they want to ban abortion, get rid of contraception, and force every fertilized zygote that manages to make it to term and be given birth to as a living human being (but do nothing to care for that human being after its born). Stopping this bullshit is the number one way climate change can be affected. Adding billions of people to this already overpopulated, miserable planet is just going to bring about the end of the planet faster than ever. Stop protesting climate change and start protesting forced birtherism.


the sooner the Religulous NJs
can bring on Armageddon
the Quicker they can get
to Heaven -- so long as
they're One of the Cho-
sen Few. it's a pretty
Big Gamble but
they're willing
to Risk it

and US


The ruling class view the rest of humanity
as little more than consumers, wage-slaves,
cannon fodder, motorists and malcontents.
The #1 way to deal with climate change is
to reduce the number of miles driven by cars,
trucks, ships, planes and other big boy toys.

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