Reminder: It's Not Just Actresses Being Sexually Harassed at Work

Its not just Harvey Weinstein.
It's not just Harvey Weinstein. ALEXANDER KOERNER/GETTY

In the flood of news about sexual harassment in professions like filmmaking, comedy, media, and tech, you've probably heard someone remind you #MeToo must help low-wage workers too.

Years of federal government data about sexual harassment claims show just how necessary it is for us to include these oft-forgotten voices in the movement.

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Severe Weather Shelters Are Opening for the Cold Snap. Here's How You Can Help.

A security guard tries to roust campers Monday morning in Old Town.
A security guard tries to roust campers Monday morning in Old Town. Dirk Vanderhart

Last night was bitterly cold, and that weather pattern is expected to stick around. With the National Weather Service predicting freezing temperatures over the next two nights, the Portland-area's severe weather shelter
system kicked into gear last night—and might be open for days depending on the forecast.

Multnomah County officials opened up a severe weather shelter at Imago Dei, at 1302 SE Ankeny last night, and admitted roughly 35 people seeking refuge from the cold, according to Denis Theriault with the Joint Office of Homeless Services. County officials were still awaiting an updated forecast before deciding whether to reopen severe weather shelter space (which is in addition to winter shelters the county is already running). Here's a full list of available shelter space, kept by Update: Officials are opening shelters in Southeast Portland and Gresham beginning at 8:30 pm tonight.

At the same time, an emergency warming shelter in the Montavilla neighborhood opened last night, and is planning to open its doors again at 7 pm. It's at Saint Peter and Paul Episcopal Church, 247 SE 82nd.

The Mercury recently explored the often-unsafe strategies the city's growing houseless community is forced to employ when temperatures dip. With recent high-profile fires, and four exposure deaths from last year's severe winter still lingering in the city's mind, officials are stressing they won't turn anyone away who wants respite during severe weather.

When skies are clear, the county characterizes "severe weather" as temperatures of 25 degrees Fahrenheit or below (or wind chills that reach that depth). Here's the response plan for severe weather that lasts for three days or less.

•The Joint Office’s contracted severe weather shelter provider, Transition Projects, initially opens one or more shelters, with hundreds of beds at the ready. Locations include Imago Dei in southeast Portland, the Bud Clark Commons in downtown Portland, and a shelter in Gresham. Shelters are low-barrier, with space for carts and bikes, and access for pets. Community partners may also open spaces if needed.

•The Joint Office works with 211Info, TriMet, outreach providers, first responders and taxi companies to coordinate transportation of people and supplies to warming centers, and also to distribute cold weather gear to those who choose not to come to shelter.

• Trained volunteers fill shifts at warming centers as needed.

• 211 serves as the information hub for shelter, transportation, gear and volunteer needs.

• The Joint Office convenes a daily call of first responders, outreach providers and shelter providers to monitor shelter capacity and assist in logistics coordination.

What can housed allies do to help? Donate. Here's a list of things advocates at JOIN and Transition Projects are most in need of:

● Thick socks
● Waterproof/resistant gloves or mittens (preferably dark colors/black)
● Waterproof/resistant winter coats (men’s and women’s sizes)
● Sleeping bags and warm blankets
● Waterproof/resistant hats (preferably dark colors/black)
● Knit hats (preferably dark colors/black)
● Tarps (preferably brown, dark colors)
● Hand warmers
● Rain ponchos

Even easier: Here's an Amazon wish list JOIN created. You can have purchases sent right to the organization's address: 1435 NE 81st Avenue, Suite 100, Portland, OR, 97213


Why Portland’s Small Businesses Are Turning To Car Sharing Services Like ReachNow

Portland’s small businesses fuel our morning routines, keep us connected to Portland’s roots and make our neighborhoods our homes.

But, just like the rest of us, small businesses face challenges as they continue to grow with the changing face of Portland. One way small businesses are looking to modernize their approach is by using ReachNow. Car sharing helps offset the cost of additional company vehicles and help their employees move around Portland.

ReachNow has 350 cars available across Portland for on-demand use by the minute, hour or the day. They have started partnering with small businesses to improve through mobility. For example, ReachNow is working with Water Avenue Coffee, who was able to forgo the purchase of an additional company car to handle deliveries and other business needs around Portland and move their team around in a more sustainable way. Learn more about how ReachNow is helping Portland’s small business here.

Good Morning, News: Columbia Sportswear CEO is Embarrassing Us, Explosion in NYC, and Assault Victims Take on Trump

The sign Columbia Sportwear paid for.
The sign Columbia Sportwear paid for. City of Portland

GOOD MORNING, BLOGTOWN! I know I see angels when I look in your eyes. When I wake Christmas day, you'll be my big surprise. LET'S GO TO PRESS!

Micha Fletcher, the man who survived the MAX stabbing attack last May that left two men dead, confronted Patriot Prayer dickwad Joey Gibson at a Portland protest this weekend. As you can probably imagine, the conversation didn't go all that well, and later a Patriot Prayer co-dickwad was reportedly arrested for striking a normal person.

The Guardian has a story about Portland's Tim Boyle—the CEO of Columbia Sportswear—who is threatening to move the company unless Mayor Ted Wheeler does something about the homeless problem. Note to Tim: Maybe instead of using your money to buy off politicians, you could get off your entitled ass to actually do something yourself about the homeless problem? Portland isn't on this earth for the sole purpose of making you money, dum-dum. To everyone else: STOP BUYING COLUMBIA SPORTSWEAR.

The Blazers met defeat at the hands of the Rockets on Saturday with a score of 124-117. Check out what went wrong with our Arthur Bradford's Blazer recap.

A man with an explosive device strapped to his body is in serious condition after it went off prematurely in a NYC subway. Four people were reportedly injured, the suspect was arrested, and officials are labeling it a terrorist attack—though details are still sketchy.

Tuesday is the day Alabama decides whether they'll vote for a Democrat or an accused child molester, and if the polls are any indication, that's actually kind of a tough question for them! As Trump makes his push to align himself with a possible pedophile, Democrats are throwing a lot of money at their candidate. Meanwhile Sen. Richard Shelby, the state's top Republican, came out against the accused kid diddler. (I'm trying to stay positive about this, and convince myself that the people of Alabama will ultimately listen to their better angels... but after last fall, I don't really believe in better angels anymore.)

A group of women who have accused President Trump of sexual harassment and assault held a press conference today to tell their stories.

In a move that will surely send Trump spiraling, ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley says the women who have accused the president of sexual harassment and assault should be heard.

If you haven't already, check out this fascinating NYT feature on what Trump does with his days (spoiler alert: TV, Twitter, Diet Coke, fuming at world, golf).

The GOP tax plan is a goddamn mess, as you already know. But now we're seeing how much of a mess it is, as well as how Trump's rich friends are sneaking in some more benefits while no one's looking.

Now let's look at the WEATHER: Cold sunny days and colder nights ahead!

And finally, check out this Bad Lip Reading of Stranger Things—which plays like an episode of The Wonder Years? Sure! Why not?

Blazers Recap: The Beard Prevails Again

The Houston Rockets, our evil rivals from down south, rolled into town sporting the best record in the NBA and the fireworks flew Saturday night. The Blazers were looking to end their most dismal stretch of the season, a three game losing streak at home. Things started off swimmingly for the home team, with Damian Lillard scoring at will, and the Blazers led most of the way. But alas, they couldn't close it out, and James "The Beard" Harden dashed our hopes once again. The Rockets pulled ahead in the final quarter and won, 124-117, dammit.

Bruce Ely/

Few teams are as disliked by Blazer fans as the Rockets. Their list of grievances against the Texas team goes on and on, dating back to the mid-90s when they wooed superstar Blazer Clyde Drexler away to join one of the first NBA superteams with Hakeem Olajuwon and Charles Barkley. These days the Rockets are known as floppers and whiners, with all-star guards James Harden and Chris Paul leading the charge. Unfortunately those two floppers are also really good players and the Rockets currently sit in first place in the West. The Blazers weren't expected to give them much of a game, but hey, the hometown boys came out swinging. Lillard ended the game with 38 points and a franchise record 9 three pointers. But it wasn't enough to down the Rockets.

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Kill, Baby... Kill! Has a Great Title! It's Also a Great Movie!


Mario Bava’s 1966 film Kill, Baby... Kill! is jam-packed with classic horror tropes: creaky doors, gratuitous cobwebs, shadowy passageways, intense exorcisms, cavernous tombs, ornate candelabras, random green auras, and one revolting baby doll.

The story is classic, too: Following the mysterious death of a young woman, Dr. Paul Eswai (Giacomo Rossi Stuart) is sent to perform her autopsy in a village in Eastern Europe’s Carpathian Mountains. Eswai’s dismissive voice of reason is not welcomed by the locals, who believe their town is cursed and being ravaged by a murderous ghost. Eswai’s foil is Ruth (Fabienne Dali), a professional sorceress with winged eyeliner who inserts coins into corpses’ hearts.

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Billy Joel's Five Best Songs You Won’t Hear at the Dentist

BILLY JOEL Writes hits, loves pugs.

Billy Joel is one of the most successful and accomplished songwriters of all time. He’s also unanimously loathed by pop critics (with the exception of Chuck Klosterman). Few musicians represent the disparity between popular and critical consensus better than Billy Joel.

Barring his underwhelming classical experiment from 2001, Fantasies and Delusions, Joel hasn’t released a proper album of original material since 1992’s River of Dreams (which is actually much more listenable than its awful cover art suggests). For music journalists looking to brandish their snark, Joel is the perennial low-hanging fruit, though there aren’t any new reasons to make fun of him.

Many criticisms of Billy Joel are valid, as are criticisms of virtually any artist. He has written some horrible songs, and some of those songs are his biggest hits. His attempts at portraiture are laughable (“Piano Man”; “Goodnight Saigon”), and when he plays the role of pugnacious cultural critic (“It’s Still Rock and Roll to Me”), he just seems like a paranoid one-upman hell-bent on besting his imagined nemeses.

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The Good, the Bad, the Ugly: Portland Food and Drink Weekly News Wrap-Up

Departures Peking Duck
Departure's Peking Duck JOHN VALLS/ DEPARTURE

Generally, December’s a slow food news month, but the first week of this December has brought with it some uncharacteristically sunny news (as well as some gloomy news). Here’s how the last month of 2017 is shaping up.

The Good
This week, we listed what we feel are the six best options to get your Peking Duck on during this holiday season. They are Departure ($106), Duck House ($55.95), Powell’s Seafood ($38), Golden Horse ($36), Wong’s King ($35), and Pure Spice ($25.95).

PoMo reports of two highly anticipated openings this week: Melissa McMillan’s Portland-by-way-of-Ashland sandwich shop, Sammich, which has opened at 2137 E Burnside, and Adam McGovern and Arik Miller’s new cafe. Sterling Coffee Roasters is now grinding beans and foaming milk at 518 NW 21st just a couple blocks away from their old shared digs.

Courtesy of Eater PDX, we’ve learned that the Little Griddle is now serving breakfast and brunch at 3520 NE 42nd; that in February of next year, the Widewaters Hotels-owned and Hilton-managed Porter Hotel will open four restaurants to be helmed by former Original chef AJ Voytko, including Terrane Italian Kitchen + Bar, Xport Bar & Lounge, the Chiosco pizza window, and a cafe and deli called Portland Exchange Grocer & Goods; that Lightning Bar Collective is bringing vegan barbecue to its newest—and eighth—bar, Thunderbird, located at 5339 SE Foster; and that the bro-ishly named Pink Taco, which makes Mexican food in LA and Las Vegas, will post up in the old Trader Vic’s space in the Pearl District. You’re welcome, ladies.

The eagle-eyed New School beer advocates have learned that the Ohio-based Fat Head’s Brewery won’t resign its lease next year for its 131 NW 13th Pearl District location. However, its Portland-based franchisee, Tom Cook, plans on opening his own new brewery and pub, Von Ebert Brewing, next year with an assist of Fat Head’s current brewer and a former Commons brewer.

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A County Employee Has Been Fired For Sharing Racial Disparity Data

Amanda Lamb
Amanda Lamb Multnomah County

A county employee who shared data showing persistent racial disparities in Multnomah County's justice system has been fired because of it, the Mercury has learned.

As we reported last month, local justice officials were angered by a presentation county research analyst Amanda Lamb gave in October at the Tableau Conference, a large software conference in Las Vegas. The 53-minute presentation unveiled a "racial and ethnic disparity dashboard" that's been in the works over the last year. It also portrayed a justice system where people of color are disproportionately jailed and imprisoned, among lots of other things, and justice officials who were reticent to share that data.

Lamb's talk got a hearty applause from her Vegas audience, but did not go well in Portland. Judges, Multnomah County Prosecutor Rod Underhill, and others were concerned that Lamb had shared their data without permission, contrary to county rules, and portrayed them as reluctant to make the findings public. They also painted her conclusions as misleading, and Ed Jones, the county's chief criminal judge, went so far as to call it "half-assed analysis." The backlash from some court officials was strong enough that Abbey Stamp, Lamb's boss, asked Tableau to remove a video of the presentation from the web. (We obtained a copy via a public records request. It's below.)

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I Had a Religious Experience at the Killers Last Night


This is probably not a cool thing to say, but the Killers are one of my all-time favorite bands, and last night I finally got to see them play live. It was unreal—between songs, frontman Brandon Flowers bantered about Portland's "Rip City" nickname and basked in the wild applause of a sold-out Moda Center.

Fellow early 2000s nostalgia act Franz Ferdinand opened the show with crowd-pleasing hits like "Do You Want To" and "Take Me Out." I was never a huge FF fan in my youth, but enjoyed how singer Alex Kapranos did some cool twirling dance moves while the other dudes just bopped around. Apparently the Scottish indie rock band is still making music—they just released a single called "Always Ascending," the title track of a new LP coming out in February.


Pink confetti flurries and a booming, god-like voice announced the Killers' arrival: "Who's got gas in the tank? Who's got money in the bank?" Flowers, drummer Ronnie Vannucci, Jr., a couple of other guys (bassist Mark Stoermer and guitarist Dave Keuning are sitting this tour out), and three truly amazing backup singers ripped into "The Man," the disco-infused lead single of the Las Vegas rock band's new album, Wonderful Wonderful.

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Don't Miss the Siren's "Best Christmas Ever" Comedy Show—Tonight!


If you love the holidays, and peeing your pants a little from laughter, don't miss the Siren Theater's newest banger, The Brand New Best Christmas Ever—a holiday-positive show featuring sketch comedy, singing, dancing, and (full disclosure) MEEEEEEEE!

As you know, the Siren is home to the funniest, smartest comedy in town, and this show includes Portland's best and brightest talent including Shelley McLendon, Erin Jean O'Regan, Jed Arkley, Janet Scanlon, Chad Parsons, Justin Himes, and Beau Brousseau. (Oh, and did I mention MEEEEEE?) Plus there isn't a single mean, Scroogey bone in this show's body. It's most akin to the television holiday variety specials of yore, and is chock-a-block full of laughs and good cheer.

BUT! It's only playing for six performances, starting tonight (Friday Dec 8 through Sun Dec 17). So get your tickets now, because some shows are already on the verge of selling out! If you need a holiday cheer up, then The Brand New Best Christmas Ever is the place to be!


Talkin’ Subatomic Cosmic Blues with Valerie June

VALERIE JUNE Following her own voice.
VALERIE JUNE Following her own voice. Jacob Blickenstaff

With her Tennessee twang and infectious laugh, Valerie June could charm the dew off a honeysuckle. It’s difficult not to smile and laugh along with her, even as she’s discussing celestial realms and conversations with spirits.

June has always been interested in the esoteric and the transcendent, but it wasn’t until writing the song “Astral Plane,” from her latest album The Order of Time, that she found a way to fully express these thoughts in her lyrics. It’s a quiet meditation on hopes, dreams, and interstellar traveling delicately sung over a lush, cosmic folk arrangement. “Dancing on the astral plane/In holy water cleansing rain,” June sings. “Floating through the stratosphere/Blind, but yet you see so clear.”

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Yep, It's Time to Stop Watching Woody Allen Movies!


To steal one of the writer/director’s old jokes, Woody Allen’s latter-day movies can be divided into two categories: the horrible and the miserable. His newest, Wonder Wheel, has the unprecedented distinction of being both—it’s a toothless, slipshod reshuffling of Allen’s usual lazy tropes (miserable) and an incontrovertible reminder of the appalling rumors that surround his personal life (horrible).

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Today on Craigslist: Anybody Need Any Haunted Nightmare Bones?

Haunted bones, free to good home.
Haunted bones, free to good home. Courtesy Craigslist

From the keen eyes over at Portland Reddit comes this very bizarre Craigslist ad for "Free Haunted (nightmare inducing) Bones from Alcatraz." Here's the description:

My roommate scavenged these miscellaneous (animal?) bones from her recent trip to Alcatraz Island and brought them back to me as a gift. They have since caused ceaseless bizarre, realistic nightmares to myself and others in the house. We must be rid of them.

The ad goes on to say that the horror bones are "Perfect for art projects, studying priests, and perhaps shamans, or witchfolk." And in a thoughtful addition, "not for animals to eat. Very small, they could choke."

The owners are also quick to relinquish any responsibility for anything terrible that could happen to the new owners of the bones, but mitigate this by throwing in "a delightful fall scarflet" that the bones come in, "for you to wear at your leisure."


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Good Morning, News: Wheeler Bounces Housing Director, Al Franken Bounces Himself, and LA's Bros Are Upset

cosmonaut / Getty Images

First up this morning, Mayor Ted Wheeler is saying goodbye to two more of his bureau directors. The city announced yesterday that Housing Director Kurt Creager's departure has been hashed out over the last month—he was pretty clearly forced out—and Office of Equity and Human Rights Director Dante James is setting sail for Colorado.

Wheeler's also trolling the federal housing secretary (in a more-or-less good way). No housing official is immune.

As we all figured he would, Sen. Al Franken announced yesterday he's resigning from office, after yet another woman accused him of sexual harassment and he lost the support of virtually all of his fellow Democratic senators. He's also not admitting to most of the accusations, and he's quite salty that Trump still gets to be in office and a (alleged) child molester will probably be elected to the Senate next week. ("The GOP has lost its last ethical moorings," Slate's Dahlia Lithwick argues.)

GOOD NEWS: The police officer who shot a fleeing, unarmed Walter Scott in the back in 2015 was sentenced to 20 years in prison yesterday, in what the NYT notes "is one of the few instances in which a police officer has been prosecuted for an on-duty shooting."

How the hell do that many crisp, unfolded hundos get through the tiny slot in a Salvation Army kettle and still qualify as an "anonymous" donation, I want to know. Something ain't right. (But if you gave $10K to the Salvation Army, good on you.)

Have we regressed to the point of shooting each other with crossbows in this city? And is that a good or bad thing? Discuss in the comments.

We noted yesterday that Portland's financial outlook for next year is potentially worse than planned. Budget officials now say the city could be facing a budget deficit of between $9 million and $30 million, despite surging economic growth.

Oregon Congressman Kurt Schrader is okay carrying the NRA's water. He voted yes on a bill that expands the rights of people to tote their concealed weapons in all 50 states. "Schrader often votes with the National Rifle Association, which gave him a 71 percent positive rating in 2016," OPB notes.

Just a reminder: The homelessness crisis is playing out up and down the West Coast. Here's a snapshot of what's going on in San Diego.

More from California: Both of these videos are weirdly worth your time.

And of course, Southern California is still in flames (with the help of climate change!). "Driven by erratic winds through parched narrow canyons, the hydra-headed Thomas fire in Ventura County continued its onslaught on many fronts Thursday, roaring through beach communities, suburbs, fruit orchards and rugged mountain redoubts."

Three people, including the gunman, were killed in a New Mexico school shooting yesterday. Authorities haven't released much about the shooter or victims.

Aaand the government is funded for two more weeks, and a larger budget standoff looms.



Feds Seize $50,000 From Repeat International Gun Part Smuggler in Oregon City

Haoquin Lius business
Haoquin Liu's business

Oregon City's Haoqian Liu, who runs an online gun store, keeps getting busted by the feds for illegally smuggling in gun parts from countries in Asia.

In the middle of a probation sentence for bringing in at least 30 shipments of gun parts from the Philippines—including some that violated the International Trafficking in Arms Regulations—the US Department of Homeland Security seized $50,000 from Liu that agents say is proceeds from an illegal scheme to smuggle gun parts from China.

Liu operates a company called ADE Advanced Optics, an online gun part retailer based in Oregon City. In February, the feds—agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF); Homeland Security; Customs and Border Patrol; the Department of Commerce—and the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office raided ADE office in Oregon City and seized a whole bunch of assault rifle parts shipped illegally from China that they say are worth more than $1.5 million. Per federal court records:

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