All the Places you Can Stuff Wings in Your Face During Portland Wing Week


BRACE YOURSELVES, PORTLAND! Portland Wing Week is coming back.

Brought to you by the Portland Mercury, Jim Beam, and Oregon's Finest, Wing Week will once again take over our fine city—with Portland's favorite wing spots offering six one-of-a-kind chicken wings for only $5! Select locations will be serving up their special sauce June 24-29. Prepare to have your taste buds blasted!

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All Three Portland-Area Cinetopia Theaters Abruptly Close

Cinetopia Progress Ridge 14
Cinetopia Progress Ridge 14 Google Maps

[UPDATE 5/23: Cinetopia is being taken over by AMC Theatres. Full report here.]

ORIGINAL POST: As first reported by Anthony Macuk and Allan Brettman at The Columbian, all three Portland-area locations of the high-end Cinetopia movie theater chain—which had two outposts in Vancouver, WA, and one in Beaverton—have abruptly closed.

On Monday, signs in the windows at the Vancouver Mall location said food and beverage service was temporarily suspended due to “restructuring of Cinetopia.” Box office employees at the mall described the changes as a restructuring and declined to comment further. A representative who answered the phone at Cinetopia’s corporate office in Beaverton, Ore., described the operation as “a deep cleaning,” and declined to elaborate. (Via.)

A fourth Cinetopia location, in Kansas City, Kansas, has also shuttered.

Over the past year, Cinetopia has been involved in a legal battle with national theater chain AMC, alleging the larger chain violated antitrust laws by blocking or hindering Cinetopia's ability to play major films.

That issue—giant corporate theater chains allegedly throwing their weight around with film distributors to prevent smaller theaters' access to new releases—has come up repeatedly in recent years.

In 2015, the Wrap reported that Regal, Cinemark, and AMC were "being investigated on antitrust grounds by several states attorney general as well as the U.S. Justice Department" for "potentially anticompetitive conduct." The following year, Marc Cuban's Landmark Theaters fought Regal, alleging similar violations of antitrust laws. And just last year, AMC took a hit when a federal judge in Texas denied "AMC Entertainment’s attempt to toss out Viva Cinemas antitrust suit over the now shuttered theater’s Spanish-language showings of first-run studio pictures."

The Columbian notes the Cinetopia closures come at a key point in the chain's legal dealings with AMC, and also notes Cinetopia has accused AMC of engaging in "bad-faith negotiations" regarding a potential sale of the Kansas City location to AMC—even as, the lawsuit alleges, the national chain continued to make booking films difficult for Cinetopia.

We'll have more info on these sudden closures once we know it. Meanwhile, on Southeast Powell, Studio One Theaters—a significantly smaller multiplex that shares several key elements with Cinetopia's locations, including being owned by Cinetopia CEO and founder Rudyard Coltman—remains open.

Two Dead After Fatal Crash on North Greeley

The North Greeley and Going intersection, near where todays fatal crash occurred.
The North Greeley and Going intersection, near where today's fatal crash occurred. GOOGLE MAPS

A major vehicle collision on North Greeley Avenue in North Portland left two people dead Wednesday morning, and led to a shut down of the intersection of Greeley and North Going.

From a media release from the Portland Police Bureau (PPB):

"It appears a white sedan driving south on North Greeley Avenue crossed the center line and crashed into a gray SUV that was driving north. The driver and passenger of the white sedan died as a result of the crash."

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Grateful Dead Drummer Announces His Own Line of Weed. Big Surprise.

Celebrity endorsements of cannabis may be irritating (looking at you, then quickly looking away, Post Malone) or deeply offensive (Hell will see you soon enough, John Boehner). Sometimes the relationship between cannabis and public figures seems tenuous at best, leaving consumers to question if the endorser is truly a joker, a smoker, and/or a midnight toker. Because if you weren't down back in the day, not sure I can believe what you're shilling now.

But there are exceptions to that rule, and this week, one of those exceptions announced his own line of cannabis. And no matter where you stand on his band, there is no denying that they're forever intertwined with cannabis, perhaps more than any other musical act outside of Bob Marley.

Grateful Dead drummer (and taker of more psychedelics than you and your 10 friends will ever consume in your lifetimes) Mickey Hart shared that his new brand, Mind Your Head, will offer 10-packs of pre-rolled, one-third-gram joints. The tins of these "magic minis" will be available in Northern California dispensaries, no doubt inspiring many Deadheads who aren't in that particular area to gas up the VW van and hit the road like in the old days.

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Portland Election Results: Low Voter Turnout, Several New PPS Board Members


Several new Portland Public Schools (PPS) and Portland Community College (PCC) board members were elected yesterday in a special election. Only about 15 percent of eligible voters in Multnomah County bothered to cast a ballot.

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Good Morning, News: Local Election Results, City Budget Questions, and Portland Rallies for Abortion Rights

Stay up to date on Portland news and politics. Looking for fun? Here are the best Things to Do in Portland today.


Good morning, Portland! Just like best buds Akon and Jesse McCartney like to say, let's get into that news!

Here are the headlines.

And the Winners Are: An election happened yesterday—well, it barely happened, considering less than 15 percent of Oregonians participated. But nevertheless, let the hardworking reporters at the Portland Tribune fill you in on the Portland Public Schools and PCC board results.

A Walk in the Park: The Portland City Council will vote on Mayor Ted Wheeler's proposed annual budget today (and you can bet your ass our own Alex Zielinski will be there). A particularly thorny part of this year's budgeting process: figuring out what to do with the Parks Bureau's funding gap.

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How Will Portland Fix Its Park Budget Problem?


Tomorrow afternoon, the Portland City Council will vote to approve Mayor Ted Wheeler's $5.5 billion proposed annual budget.

By now, you may have heard that the city's Parks Bureau is facing some of the biggest cuts—including the estimated elimination of around 55 full-time jobs and the reduction in permanent funding sources for a number of Portland community centers already struggling to keep their lights on. In total, the Portland Parks & Recreation (PP&R) budget has a $6.3 million deficit.

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Hundreds Rally for Abortion Rights in Downtown Portland


Hundreds of people and one llama gathered at downtown Portland’s Terry Schrunk Plaza Tuesday afternoon to support abortion rights.

The rally, part of a string of protests happening across the country, was organized in response to the recent hardline abortion bans passed in a growing number of states' legislatures .

As many have noted, those bans are likely part of a national conservative strategy to weaken Roe v. Wade, the landmark Supreme Court ruling that guarantees the right to an abortion. Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum, one of the rally’s speakers, made it a point to warn that “We can not feel safe in our bubble here in Oregon,” and promised to continue prioritizing abortion rights. Rosenblum recently defended federal funding for reproductive health clinics that provide abortions in federal court—and won.

Rosenblum was a law school student when Roe passed in 1973.

“Imagine our excitement and relief: Never again would any woman in America be subject to the back alley, or self-induced abortions that were injuring, sometimes even killing, innocent young women,” she said. “None of us could have imagined then that this law of the land would be in question over 40 years later. We’re not going to stand for it.”

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Akon and Jesse McCartney Are Going to Headline OSU's Dam Jam Concert

Akon Courtesy OSU
In a recent news release, Oregon State University announced the lineup for Dam Jam 2019, headlined by none other than R&B star Akon and pop sensation Jesse McCartney—causing us all to question whether we just accidentally time-traveled back to 2005. The year-end concert will go down May 31 at OSU's historic Reser Stadium at 8 pm.

The annual concert began as a reggae festival back in 2006, and was later renamed in 2014. Previous bills have seen artists like KYLE, T-Pain, Macklemore, and Portland-bred rapper Aminé.

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Two Interactive Music Videos for Your Time-Killing Pleasure from Red Fang and Ale Hop


Long gone is the time of sitting goggle-eyed in front of your shitty television while the latest Def Leppard video played every hour on the hour on MTV. These days, you gotta put a little effort into it if you wanna enjoy the nice music.

In recent weeks, a pair of artists—local heavy rockers Red Fang and Peruvian experimental musician Ale Hop—have separately dropped new interactive videos into the world, both of which encourage your active participation to move the narrative forward or, in the case of the latter clip, change the sounds coming out of your headphones.

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Low-THC Weed in Italy Is Disrupting Pharmaceutical Sales

Mercury Staff
While many of you are sadly pouring out a 40 for your favorite fallen fictional Throne Game character, perhaps I can bring some light into your day with some good news about the benefits of cannabis, at least until someone releases "Jon Snowpocalypse Kush," a strain which is beautiful, yet after smoking it, you find you truly know nothing.

Earlier this year, I wrote about hemp flower being sold in Italy. While the THC limit on this Italian "bud" is subterranean low—0.2% percent, and no, that's not a typo—it's found some grateful Italian customers who are seeking to relieve various maladies, and who also really enjoy lato oscuro della luna.

Marijuana Moment reports on a new study from people with GoT accents—researchers from the University of York in the UK—who have determined that this workaround and very limited form of "cannabis" legalization has a surprising impact on the sales of prescriptions drugs.

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Trial by Fire Review: The Feel-Lousy Movie of the Year

Roadside Attractions

Trial by Fire is a the saddest movie I’ve ever seen in my entire life. It’s based on the real-life sad and depressing story of a Texas man, Cameron Todd Willingham (played here Jack O’Connell), who was sent to death row for allegedly starting the house fire that resulted in the deaths of his three young daughters. While in prison, Willingham is befriended by writer and do-gooder Elizabeth Gilbert (Laura Dern), who tries to help him with an appeal to save his life.

This film hits the same outrage-with-the-system pressure points as Netflix’s Making a Murderer did a few years ago, and Making a Murderer is the only prestige series I’ve ever watched that, if given the chance, I would unsee, because it made me feel so irredeemably awful. So I want to warn the rest of you: Watching this film felt like having rocks thrown at my face. It’s effective filmmaking, I’ll give it that, and O’Connell’s performance as scumbag-turned-sympathetic-scumbag is one of the best I’ve seen. If you're ready for a gut-wrenching trip through some of the worst things around (the deaths of children, state-sanctioned murder, our failure of a justice system, Rick Perry), you can’t do better (or worse?) than this.

Good Morning, News: Portlanders to Protest, There's an Election Today, and Blazers Off-Season Intrigue Begins

Stay up to date on Portland news and politics. Looking for fun? Here are the best Things to Do in Portland today.

Meyers Leonards face says it all.
Meyers Leonard's face says it all. Jonathan Ferrey / Getty images

Good morning, Portland sports fans. After the devastating overtime loss the Blazers suffered last night, there's only one thing to do: Start thinking about next season! Apparently the Blazers are reaching their salary cap—so how will they decide who stays and goes in the off season?

Here are the headlines.

VOTE OR DIE: Did you know there was an election today?! Well, there is, and several seats on the Portland Public Schools board are open. Recover your ballot from that pile of coupons in the mail and study up before dropping it off. If you don't, I'm telling 50 Cent.

Walkout: Portland area high school students plan to walkout and rally at City Hall today, in the hopes that the adults in charge will perhaps finally pay attention and do something about guns in schools.

Oh, and here's another very important protest happening today:

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Blazers Recap: Warriors Win Game 4 in OT - A Great Blazers Season Is Over

Bruce Ely/

Well, they went down swinging. The Blazers lost a hard fought game four in overtime to the defending NBA champions, the Golden State Warriors. And now the our team is done for the season while the Warriors march on to their fifth straight finals in search of a third straight title. This game played out in similar fashion to the previous two. The Blazers built a sizable lead, as high as 17 points, but couldn't hold it to the end. The twist this time was they came closer than before, nearly winning the game in regulation on a Damian Lillard drive and instead sending it into overtime. Meyers Leonard, the third string center who rarely found meaningful minutes this season had the best game of his career, scoring 30 points and grabbing 12 rebounds. But the Blazers couldn't withstand the Warriors blitz, and they fell just short, 117-119. It was an exciting game. Hell, it was an exciting season. Blazers fans are left with a lot of very memorable moments, even if we couldn't see them take down the champs.

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Guy Dumps Syringes Outside Portland Needle Exchange Office

Hi, we save lives.
Hi, we save lives. morgan greene / Getty Images

A Portland activist dumped a bucket of dirty syringe needles and caps on the sidewalk outside of Outside In's needle exchange facility last Thursday in a so-called "act of civil disobedience."

Brandon Farley documented his crime on Twitter, posting a photo of himself with a bucket and the messages "Time for me to Clean Up the I-405 and Evict all the Homeless Druggies" and "Drug Debris Returned to their Place of Origin."

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