Pickathon Starlight Series, Episode 3: Wild Child

Peter Lovera
I know it feels like January out there, but trust me, Pickathon season is just about to start heating up. The lineup announcement party takes place this weekend, and here to get you in the mood is the latest video from our Pickathon Starlight Series, in which we spotlight the nocturnal after-hours performances of the Starlight Stage, filmed late at night after the main stages call it a day. Today's episode features Austin, Texas band Wild Child and their sultry rendition of "Expectations."

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Hardesty Leads Charge to Sever City's Ties With Federal Terrorism Taskforce

Federal Bureau of Investigations

With a new opponent in city council, the future of Portland's ties with a controversial FBI taskforce is—again—up for debate.

"On the campaign trail, what I heard over and over again from people was their sense of insecurity, just walking around Portland," Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty said at a community meeting Wednesday night. Removing Portland police from the FBI-led Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF), Hardesty said, could be a major step toward repairing those community fears.

Portland has had an on-again-off-again relationship with the JTTF, a top-secret program that allows local law enforcement to share information with their regional FBI office, for more than a decade. Currently, the city has dedicated two Portland police officers to the taskforce, but neither the mayor nor the police chief are allowed to know what kind of projects the FBI has them working on.

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CBD + Sports: Muscle Recovery Done Right

If you’re an athlete, you’re used to muscle soreness. That deep tissue pain is actually your body repairing the muscle fibers you damaged during exercise. This pain marks the beautiful moment when your workout pays off and your muscles become stronger than they were yesterday. Make this pain worth your while.

CBD helps your muscles heal quickly and keeps soreness to a minimum, so you can spend more time in the gym and less time in the ice bath.

Multnomah County Unveils Plans For Addiction and Mental Health Resource Center in Downtown Portland

333 SW Park in downtown Portland.
333 SW Park in downtown Portland. GOOGLE MAPS

Plans are underway to build a mental health and addiction resource center geared toward homeless people in downtown Portland. If built, it would be the first of its kind in the county.

The Multnomah County Board of Commissioners approved a purchase agreement Thursday morning for 333 SW Park, a four-story, 30,000-square-foot building located about a block south of W Burnside. This doesn't mean they've purchased the building—yet. A purchase agreement is only the first step in establishing the terms of an eventual purchase.

If the county decides to moves forward with purchasing the building, it will serve as a first stop for people experiencing addiction or mental illness to access temporary and long-term housing, counseling, and peer support, as well basic necessities like showers and phone use.

“It has become very clear there is the need for a peer-led resource center for homeless individuals with mental health and substance abuse issues disorders to receive basic supports to assist them in recovery while experiencing homelessness," said Neal Rotman, the county's community mental health program manager and a leading advocate for the resource center, at the board meeting.

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10 for $10: Your Best Bang for the Buck Shows, Jan 18-20

Minority Retort
San Francisco-based comedian Karinda Dobbins headlines this edition of Minority Retort with her wry, wise stand-up—on everything from current politics to what she might have been wearing to make an old white lady think she worked in an elevator. If that weren’t good enough news, the Minority Retort crew (Jason Lamb, Julia Ramos and Neeraj Srinivasan) have packed this bill with visiting LA comedians Garrick Bernard and Keith Johnson. (Sat 8 pm, Siren Theater, $10) SUZETTE SMITH

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It’s Time for Small-Time Restaurant News

Tapalayas Phorritos
Tapalaya's Phorritos Erica Perez

There’s lots of big news reported this week (tune in for tomorrow’s food & drink weekly wrap-up), but there’s also plenty of small news to report, too.

For instance, Please Louise, the Slabtown pizza parlor, will make any of their normally $17 signature pies for you for only $10 this month and through February.

Chef Anh Luu, owner of the SE 28th New Orleans-Vietnamese mashup, Tapalaya, has just reimagined her menu which now includes new dishes like edamame caviar and buttermilk fried chicken served with bourbon syrup, braised greens, and red beans and rice. The restaurant, celebrating its tenth year in business, is also transitioning from small plates to mains with two sides.

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Comic JoAnn Schinderle Is Re-recording Her Album ('Cuz a Dude Didn't Like Her Period Jokes)


At the Mercury, we adore comedian JoAnn Schinderle, who was awarded one of the Mercury's 2017 Geniuses of Comedy for her delightfully foul-mouthed/whip-smart observations. That's why we strongly encourage you to attend her upcoming show in which she will be re-recording her first live comedy album—because the first time a dude in the front row was loudly disappointed by her (admittedly many) menstruation jokes.

"The first attempt (at recording my album) in Minneapolis was ruined by a drunken man who didn't know he was at a show where the headliner was doing 45 minutes of menstruation jokes," JoAnn says. "Needless to say, a scene was made, and although it was a fun live show, it's not good for a recording."

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PETA Ruins Vegetables (And Dicks)

I'm surprised we're still talking about that Gillette commercial with this thing out there.

How the Fertile Ground Festival Is Good for Portland


Keeping up with the modern news cycle feels vital right now, as we grapple with the rapidly changing world around us. But news briefs and breakdowns don’t always lead to understanding. Often art plays an important role, pushing us out of our comfort zones and presenting perspectives we might not otherwise discover. That’s why Fertile Ground, the 11-day festival of new theater work (this year celebrating its 10th anniversary!), is something Portlanders should heed and treasure.

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Her Sext-and-Skype Boyfriend Got Busted By His Wife and Now He Doesn't Have Time For Her


Five months ago I started an online relationship with a married man. I'm married myself. We started out having fun, having casual online flirting that turned into sexting and Skype video chats. He lives in the States and I live across the Pacific Ocean. It was a relationship that was not initially meant to last nor ever be consummated in real life.

After four months, he said he was in love with me. He says he cant live without me and I pulled him out of depression from being in a sexless marriage. My marriage is almost sexless but not as dire as his. And his continuous attention and words of affection made me fall in love with him too. We made plans to see each other at least once in our lifetime. And he says he will find a way. It’s all very romantic and dreamy.

A couple of days ago, he told me he wanted to take me out to a nice restaurant and then see the new Aquaman movie. He said he’s pissed that he couldn't do that and we proceeded to talk about sitting in a movies theater and making out. He then needed to shovel snow and left his phone unattended. His wife found our conversation about the movie. He says it’s all she read because he deletes our conversation every time he logs out. But we did talk about making out in that thread.

The next day, he profusely apologized and we talked about what happened. He and his wife had a screaming match, accused each other of things lacking in the marriage, and then his wife asked him for sex at the end of the argument. The next morning she was sweet and affectionate. That left him confused.

He told me we needed to find a new way to communicate and created a new account. I'm now supposed to ignore him when he’s online in his original Skype account. He says he doesn't want to lose me and the sex with his wife was fucked up and left him confused. He says he still loves me. But he was visibly chipper when we Skyped and seemed amused by what happened. If I read it correctly, he was happy he had sex with his wife and got away with telling her I'm a friend from work that he had been flirtin with harmlessly. He told me he thinks his wife is afraid to lose him and felt guilty for not being affectionate with him. And now, she’s trying to be more affectionate but he doesn't know if it will last.

Should I take all of this as a sign that he doesn't need me anymore? Should I be worried that he couldn't tell me he’s getting what he needs from his wife and doesn't need me to fill that void for him? He’s very open but I feel like he’s also afraid to hurt my feelings so he might want to break it off with me in a round about way.

His presence online has declined significantly, Dan. He used to say he was addicted to me like a drug and would chat with me all throughout the day, even at work! Now, he says with the stress of his job and his wife checking his phone all the time, he’s finding it difficult to get online. He talks to me once a day, late at night when I should be sleeping. He’s still around everyday but the quality and quantity of our talks have declined. I asked him several times if he wanted to take a break and he tells me he couldn't live without me.

What should I do?

Confused About This Connection Halting

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Dolphin Midwives Returns with Liminal Garden


When Sage Fisher began developing new material for Dolphin Midwives, her idea was to make clean, straightforward music. Her previous album, Orchid Milk, was, in contrast, tangled and cracked, watery and thoughtfully unbalanced. But as she became immersed in the work of Alice Coltrane and Dorothy Ashby—two artists who also made music with the harp, Fisher’s chosen instrument—and spent time in Hawaii, where her parents live, she says she hoped to “paint this picture of this jungly, tropical feeling. A little bit of a jazzy, fluttery heart thing.”

Then the 2017 eclipse happened, and even though Fisher didn’t witness the totality, the experience had a vertiginous impact on her body. Soon after, a toxic personality re-entered her life briefly, leaving her rattled as she dealt with the reverberating echoes of past trauma. Liminal Garden—Fisher’s newest record as Dolphin Midwives—is a reflection of her dizzy, unsettled state of mind.

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Sneaker Wave: The Latest in Portland Hip-Hop


After an extra-long holiday break, getting back into Portland’s hip-hop soundwaves has been rough, because it is fucking cold out here. If it was hard to lure Portlanders to rap shows before, it’s five times more challenging right now. Additionally, a lot of Portland’s hip-hop and R&B artists have been pretty quiet release-wise going into the new year, while cryptically teasing their forthcoming albums on Twitter. Until the onslaught of fresh material takes me, here are three (relatively) recent music releases you may have missed, and some upcoming hip-hop events that may be worth breaking your cabin fever for.

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Blazer's Recap: A Big Night for Nurk

Bruce Ely/Trailblazers.com

The Trailblazers played host to the last-place Cleveland Cavaliers on Wednesday night, beating them fairly easily and playing well while doing it. The big story was that center Jusuf Nurkic, pictured above, got his first ever triple double, notching 10 points, 10 rebounds, and 10 assists in the game. It had been five years since a Trailblazer posted a triple double (Nic Batum did it in 2014). Jusuf Nurkic's t-shirt is based on a hashtag started by teammate Damian Lillard, by the way. The Blazers won it 129-112.

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Celebrate Dolly Parton's 73rd Birthday with Doll Party


Whether or not you like country, it’s hard to deny that Dolly Parton is a musical genius. She has composed more than 3,000 songs and holds two Guinness World Records. Her voice is like auditory serotonin, whether she’s falsetto-yodeling on “Joshua,” fluttering in a perfectly synchronized three-part harmony with Emmylou Harris and Linda Ronstadt on “Wildflowers,” or thundering powerfully on “Touch Your Woman.” There are also reported instances of her playing a tiny, rhinestone-bedazzled saxophone onstage.

Parton’s greatness isn’t limited to her music: She’s an incredible actress (please pause here to look up her “All Shook Up” Elvis impersonation on YouTube) and starred in the groundbreaking cinematic masterpiece 9 to 5, which brought attention to the challenges women face in the workplace, and The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, a musical that touched on still-relevant hot-button issues like censorship and the legalization of sex work. Parton is also known for her philanthropy; she has her own charitable foundation that includes a literacy program and has poured money into social services in her hometown of Sevierville, Tennessee. The public eye hasn’t always been kind to the self-proclaimed “Backwoods Barbie,” specifically with the misogynist, decades-long critiques of her appearance, but there’s a genuine “kill ’em with kindness” ethos to everything she puts out into the world, and her songs act like miniature fables, from her cautionary tale of the “Kentucky Gambler” to the nostalgic “Coat of Many Colors” to “Shattered Image” (“Stay out of my closet if your own’s full of trash”).

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State Governors Are Wising up on Cannabis

Wednesday saw the release of the annual US Governors Scorecard, produced by NORML (National Organization Reform of Marijuana Laws. As NORML describes it, "This extensive database assigns a letter grade 'A' through 'F' to states' governors based upon their comments and voting records specific to matters of marijuana policy."

As the old saying goes, you don't know the players if you don't have a scorecard. So let's break down where our elected leaders stand on the devil's lettuce. (Oregon Governor Kate Brown received an 'A.')

NORML determined:

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Wm. Steven Humphrey’s Adventures in Newspapering: My Latest Side Hustle


First of all, don’t panic. The Mercury is fine, okay? Our switch to a biweekly format was wildly successful, we’re making money, our readership is bigger than ever, and I’m less of a butthole around the office. I’m happy in my job and have no intention of leaving, okay? (Sorry, haters!) That said, I need another job STAT.

To be specific, I don’t need a different job, I need an additional job. And no, “Amazon porch pirate” isn’t on my list—though I wish you luck in your chosen career. I need a second job, and here are my requirements: It must provide a lot of money in exchange for minimal (preferably zero) effort, and most importantly, expand my personal brand.

As you know, I’m a mid- to low-level celebrity in Portland—somewhere above Pink Martini’s Thomas Lauderdale but below the Unipiper. That’s why I’m thinking of selling my name to businesses who want to increase their popularity.

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