They're releasing the whole book in November. It's not that long of a wait. Don't let them think that they can get away with this kinda crap.

Flash games and remixing and book serialization? Web 2.0? More like Web 2.nope.
I followed the Salon serialization of the first 50k words (called Theme Punks), and enjoyed it tremendously. Looking forward to the next part!

If the serialization format bothers you, wait until its all done and read it in one sitting. Its free, you can't really complain
Doctorow and his cult of personality are entirely indicative of the current Portland miasma. Bandwagon blowhards who come off as snobbish know-it-alls, when in fact anyone who has interest/history with the development of the underground can see right past the sensationalism. What you call cutting edge is merely a watered-down, commercialized version of DIY activism.

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