Due to Alison-error, this book release party on Sunday didn't make it into the paper this week, which is a shame, because it sounds like fun. Publication Studio is releasing an illustrated DIY farming manifesto written by national farming collective The Greenhorns.

Join [Publication Studio], Oregon's young farmers, and the national leadership of The Greenhorns for this celebratory Autumn book launch, complete with hot cider, food, and beer, live music (awesome farm/punk rock by and and and), young farmers workshops and skill shares, all set on the woodsy outdoor lot at Naomi's Organic Farm Supply, in SE Portland. [2500 SE Tacoma]
Free and open to the public, Sunday 3:30 pm - 7 pm.

The book includes resources for finding a farming apprenticeship, building healthy soil, marketing the food you grow, and more. And the party actually sounds like a lot of fun. More fun than Wordstock? Um... yesmaybetheysaidbeer.