Today in nerdy book events: Kicking off at Powell's tonight is Take to the Ship, a round-the-clock reading of Moby Dick, inspired by similar festivities in Massachusetts—at the New Bedford Whaling Museum—as well as IPRC director Justin Hocking's love of the book. Featured readers include Jon Raymond, Viva Las Vegas, Kevin Sampsell, Laura Gibson (can we just take a quick moment... okay. It never gets old.), BT Shaw, and—from Team Mercury—Sarah Mirk, Erik Henriksen, and myself. (Because my cat is named after Ishmael's gay cannibal buddy Queequeg—NOT after Scully's dog—I will of course be reading chapter 12, his biography.) The reading begins at 5 pm at Powell's; the first 5 hours of the reading are open to the public, and feature all the aforementioned readers; at around 10, the reading will move to a private residence for the remaining 20-ish hours. The whole thing will be recorded and eventually sold as a fundraiser for the IPRC; there's also talk of a live stream on the website, and screenprinted posters by Roger Peet (the above image) will be available for $20. And concurrently, there's a Moby Dick-themed art show hanging at the IPRC.

Also, there might be costumes. Now, off to figure out how to correctly pronounce "ignominy."