I know the Hunger Games trilogy is set in a dystopian world in which families are starving and food is scarce. But there had to be a more sensitive way to word this casting call, as reported in Movieline:

There’s a little something wrong with the casting breakdown for Lionsgate’s upcoming adaptation of Suzanne Collins’ YA smash The Hunger Games. Or rather, a few little somethings: in a widely circulated casting call for the central part of Katniss, the fiercely independent young heroine of the dystopian survival trilogy, filmmakers are seeking girls who are Caucasian and look “underfed but strong.” Is this fantasy franchise off to the wrong start?

The shame of it all is that Katniss is such a strong female character—I thought she was the perfect antidote to Twilight's Bella—but the casting call is practically begging for teenage girls to starve themselves. And the call for Caucasians is troubling, too: As Movieline points out, the books never say what ethnicity Katniss is—she's olive-skinned and dark-haired—but to specifically request Caucasians seems to reject a whole bunch of options before they've even been considered.