While it's tempting to be snobby about how Oprah's stupid book club sticker ruined a perfectly good copy of Love in the Time of Cholera, I still very much enjoy being about to talk about The Road with my friends' moms. And look at what the Oprah seal of approval did for sales of David Wroblewski's great The Story of Edgar Sawtelle—which was a Powells' Indiespensable pick, BTW, before Oprah ensured its success:


As her talk show comes to a close ("the biggest such moment in television since Johnny Carson quit The Tonight Show two decades ago," according to the Times), The Nielson Company takes a numbers-based look at the influence of Oprah's long-running book club. This chart compiles bestselling Oprah's Book Club Books over the last 10 years—it accounts only for the book club editions, though, and not for used copies of other editions: