THE HOBBIT Those Sackville-Bagginses wont know what hit em.
  • THE HOBBIT "Those Sackville-Bagginses won't know what hit 'em."

I still have the battered paperback copy of The Hobbit that my aunt gave me when I was nine or ten—the edition that was lushly illustrated by Michael Hague, with my particular copy inscribed at the front by my aunt in blue ink: "I hope you enjoy your trip to Middle-earth. Happy birthday." I read that book so many times—and studied its illustrations so intently—that I've probably got it memorized.

So it took me a minute or two, watching this trailer, for it to hit me that, holy shit, after the years of talk and all the legal and financial back-and-forth and the switching of directors and etc., The Hobbit is actually a real movie that's going to come out and I will watch it. That is—for me, at least, and for a lot of other people whose aunts or uncles or parents or friends gave them copies of The Hobbit when they were young and impressionable and the perfect age for a first expedition to Middle-earth—kind of an amazing thing. I guess what I'm saying is that when this thing went online last night, I watched it about 20 times, and then I sent the link to my aunt.

HD here.