In this week's paper, I wrote a pretty glowing review of local writer Alexis Smith's debut novel Glaciers. Jeff Baker at the Oregonian also offers a take on the book, with a great piece that gives some background on its development:

A few years ago, when Alexis M. Smith was working at Powell's, one of her jobs was to do some blogging for the website. Her boss at the time, Dave Weich, asked to read the manuscript she was working on. Several months later, Weich told Smith that Lee Montgomery, the editorial director at Tin House Books, loved what she had written and was interested in publishing it.

He goes on to quote Montgomery, who worked with Smith on developing the book from a series of vignettes into a narrative, as well as Smith herself on some of the childhood experiences that inspired the book. It's worth reading.

Smith will be at Powell's City of Books, 1005 W Burnside, tonight at 7:30 pm.