I've got an interview with Naked Girls Reading Portland co-producer Sophie Maltease about why she's putting on Saturday's event, and what to expect.

•Ryan Boudinot's post-apocalyptic/sci-fi/whatever Blueprints of the Afterlife is my favorite book so far of 2012. It includes:

-A to-scale replica of New York City, built on Bainbridge Island
-Clone orgies
-Messianic clone babies
-An Xavier Institute-esque school for gifted youngsters
-Humans who can "hack" other humans
-A sentient, hostile glacier
-A refrigerator that never runs out of food
-A masturbating ghost

I love it. He's reading at Powell's downtown on Hawthorne! on Monday.

•And finally, Thomas Ross gives an enthusiastic endorsement to the debut novel from Carter Sickels, The Evening Hour, about a nursing aide/drug dealer in a small West Virginia mining town. Sickels reads at the downtown Powell's on Sunday.