I wrote about how much I like Ryan Boudinot's Blueprints of the Afterlife in this week's Mercury; Paul Constant's also got a great review of the novel up at The Stranger. You should read the whole review, but if you are lazy and don't like to click on things, here is where it ends up:

Everything in Blueprints doesn't quite land as smoothly as you'd like on the last page—these kinds of brainy big-idea novels almost never do—but the plot is almost beside the point here. We already know from his short fiction that Boudinot can do plot. What we weren't sure he could do was write a novel that would crack open our skulls, pour a whole universe inside, and leave us begging for more. Now we know. More, please.

Boudinot is reading tonight at the Hawthorne Powell's, 7:30 pm.