This is big news: In a few weeks, the Independent Publishing Resource Center will be packing up the letterpresses and moving to new digs at 10th and Division. The lease has been signed; projected move-in date is March 1.

This announcement smacked me with some nostalgia—maybe the same way I would've felt about Rocco's closing if the pizza had been any less terrible. The little stretch of Oak Street that also houses Counter Media and Reading Frenzy has long been one of my favorite blocks in the city, and one that hasn't changed too terribly much in the 13 years since the IPRC opened shop. But there's absolutely no doubt that the IPRC has outgrown their current home, and the new space is almost four times larger than their current home. Other details from the IPRC announcement:

2500 square feet of open, ground-floor workspace with 15' vaulted ceilings
330 square foot conference room (second floor)
900 square feet of ground-floor administrative offices
Small loft space
Fully accessible roof deck with views of downtown and the west hills
double-wide work sink with a high pressure sprayer, which will allow us to create an IPRC screenprinting studio
Roll up garage door
Directly across the street from future Max line
Directly off the #4 and #70 buslines, as well as several bike routes
Great neighbors like Ford Food + Drink, Genies, Los Gorditos Burritos, Double Dragon, Acme bar and beer garden, Pinball Publishing, Free Geek, New Seasons Grocery and more.

Here's a look around the current space, if you've never been in there: