1. Ann Packer is at Cedar Hills with Swim to Me, a new collection of stories. I'm a huge fan of Packer's novels—Songs Without Words is one of the best books about female friendship I can think of, and The Dive from Clausen's Pier is pretty great too. The New Yorker wrote that her characters seem "observed rather than invented," which is exactly right. That's at the Cedar Hills store, 7 pm.

2. I never read Kevin Wilson's The Family Fang, because I found its description sort of off-putting. ("Annie and Buster Fang have spent most of their adult lives trying to distance themselves from their famous artist parents. But when a bad economy and a few bad personal decisions converge, the two siblings have nowhere to turn but their family home.") But the book landed on so many 2011 year-end best of lists that I've been forced to reconsider that hasty decision, and will probably read the paperback edition, which Wilson is currently touring to promote. He's at the Burnside store at 7:30 pm.

3. And finally, for those of you who're mistrustful of novelists, The Man Who Quit Money is Mark Sundeen's book about Daniel Suelo, a man who lives caves in Utah, forages for food, and hasn't used currency since 2000. (Elizabeth Gilbert suspects she will think about this book every day for the rest of her life, says a blurb.) That's at the Hawthorne store, 7:30 pm.

Also! The Rose City Used Book Fair runs from 2-8 pm tomorrow, and 10 am-5 pm Saturday at the Lloyd Doubletree. $2 admission, or $1 + 1 can of food.