Here's a last-minute event for the ol' Monday night agenda: The Portland Fiction Project is hosting a show tonight at the Funhouse Lounge called "Truth or Fiction." Six readers will each share a story, three of which will be true, three false, with prizes waiting for audience members who can most accurately distinguish fact from fiction. The night's featured reader is Chloe Caldwell, whose essay collection Legs Get Led Astray has made her something of a small-press it girl. (My assessment of Caldwell's book is here—I've been told that at her first Portland reading, inspired by my review, a copy of her book was thrown against the wall.)

The show's at 8 pm—it's free, but ballots are $5 if you want to play along.

And for another event whose manipulation of truth is implicit, East Burn's monthly comedy show DTF has a very good lineup tonight: The ever-likable Anthony Lopez; oddball one-liner king Tim Hammer, recently emerged from a comedy sabbatical; the Razz Brothers, ie Jimmy Newsetter and Tynan DeLong; "Portland stereotype" Andie Main; DTF organizer Katie Brien; and host Christian Ricketts, who's one of my favorites in town when he's doing straight standup (as opposed to character work, which I'm less enthusiastic about). That's at East Burn at 9 pm, FREE.