Remember Bret Easton Ellis? He wrote a bunch of books a couple decades ago and then he faded into obscurity. Except apparently at least one person follows him on Twitter! The Hollywood Reporter says:

On the same day The Hollywood Reporter hosted a breakfast to honor the most powerful women in entertainment and the progress of women in Hollywood in general, as well as the misogyny target-turned-women's rights activist Sandra Fluke, Bret Easton Ellis demonstrated just how far the fight against sexism and ignorance still has to go. At 11:32 PT, the novelist-screenwriter and Academy member took to Twitter to assert about the first woman to ever win a best director Oscar, "Kathryn Bigelow would be considered a mildly interesting filmmaker if she was a man but since she's a very hot woman she's really overrated."

Let's all ignore him and maybe he'll go away again, okay?