IMMEDIATELY AFTER MEETING the von Trapps, I wanted to murder everyone else on the planet. Why? Because the von Trapps are the nicest singing group I've ever met, and you're not. After their charming, too-brief visit to the Mercury offices, I was initially filled with love for humanityā€”and then? HATE. Why... why... WHY can't the rest of you be more like the von Trapps?!?

First, some history. Sofi, Melanie, Amanda, and August von Trapp are young adults who just happen to be the great-grandchildren of the Captain and Maria von Trappā€”you know... from a little movie known as The Sound of Music?!? EVER HEARD OF IT?? For the last 12 years, they've been touring the globe singing Austrian classics as well as modern standards. They live in Portland now (SQUEEEEEE!!), and recently recorded the album Dream a Little Dream (with Pink Martini), featuring songs from around the world AND a little movie known as The Sound of Music. EVER HEARD OF IT??

To celebrate the release of Dream a Little Dream, August von Trapp has written a fun little comic book called Harmonic Break. Its plotā€”illustrated by artists including Axe Cop's Ethan Nicolleā€”involves time-traveling von Trapps dropping into both past and future, meeting Winston Churchill and French singer FranƧoise Hardy, and having a series of adventures. So not only can August sing the crap out of Edelweiss, he writes comics, too?? Everyone else, you are looking worse and worse.

Anyway, if you haven't heard the von Trapps, hear them. They sing like goddamn angels, and bring so much beauty to the world, it'll make you despise the rest of humanity for failing to reach their lofty heights.