I'm not even a big Lena Dunham fan, but this does NOT seem like inappropriately high price to pay to see one of the number one people in entertainment right now, live.

That's not even a tank of gas. Service fees are dumb, and not her fault. But are you really telling me that twentysomethings can't save up fifty bucks for a special occasion ... with several months' notice?
Not that they can't save fifty bucks, just that they shouldn't spend that fifty bucks listening to a female Judd Apatow talk. That's just bad money management.
You do also get a copy of Lena's book, which retails for $28, but still. That's steep.
I never really got into Girls* but have some perspective on the price of this thing people!

Most "known" comic shows at Helium are at least $25 for general or $32 reserved and you have to buy two items on top of that. Here, you basically pay the same for someone maybe on a higher "fame" level than most touring comics and get a book out of it. Seems super inexpensive for the entertainment value you get if you are even a casual fan.

*I try my best, but I'm just not that suave, zing!
I hate service fees but the fee for printing out your own tickets is the most asinine.
... Also this is a promotional book event. Usually those are free. At bookstores.
Blech. She'll just reinforce all the pasty, pudgy, hipster Lena Dunham wannabes that are rampant in this town, flaunting their hail-damaged, tattooed arms and legs as they ride helmetless down the street in their vintage sundresses. This young woman is the poster child or millenial self-absorption. The characters depicted on her SATC knock-off are as despicable as she is. Gross.
Can someone remind me again which My Little Pony character is it that Lena Dunham voices?
This is good, because Portland needs more slightly overweight womyn doing nude art projects to make some vague statement about female body image.

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