Last week, beloved feminist bookstore In Other Words board member Madeline Jaross told the Oregonian that the nonprofit was struggling financially and might be closing at the end of February if the situation doesn't improve. This week, In Other Words sent out an email announcing an IndieGoGo campaign to make up the funds they'd need to stay open. The choice to use Indiegogo seems smart, since the bookstore will be able to keep all pledges regardless of whether they meet their not-insignificant goal—they need $20,000 by November 5. You can support it here.

From In Other Words' email:

The question we get most often is, "but don't you make zillions of dollars off of the TV show Portlandia?!" The short answer is: NOPE. Far from it. Unfortunately, the fact that the TV show Portlandia features a regular feminist bookstore parody does not provide us with any substantial revenue flow and Portlandia-related donations are far from enough to pay our bills. We aren't rolling in money from Portlandia, but we do have a great time meeting local celebrities Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein, and enjoy chatting with them about feminism and community organizing in between shoots.

Hey, this is where I remind you that, yes, Women and Women First chuckles aside (JUST FOR NOW, YOU GUYS), feminist bookstores serve an important purpose in a literary climate that has some well-documented gender problems, and there are only 13 of them left.