I like it!
i like it too!
It's not bad! But, since you're such a bunch of whiners, I'll tell you what... I'll whip up a new Portland Mercury logo (Todd knows you need one) for $30 cash money. Have Steve email me when he gets back from vacation.
It looks very spare.
Decidedly meh. I think the library could have found many better ways to spend $30K of the Friends' money.
OMG $30,000! They should have used $200 to $1000 they could have reached 1000's of logo designers from all over the world.
It isn't $30,000 for a logo, it's $30,000 for a comprehensive rebrand. At a typical hourly rate times easily a couple hundred+ hours of work, including all the client meetings, calls, revisions, etc., this is actually a normal-to-low fee for the kind of work involved.

It's always easy to sit on the sidelines and question whether the money is well spent, especially when the complex objectives of the project are unknown to anyone outside the process. Also, what the public typically sees when they critique is a fraction of how the brand will actually be represented. And they will likely keep this logo for 20+ years. Lastly, projects like these for public entities are no picnic.

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