Lol, this out of context answer is an example of unchecked white, male, cis privilege? Can you take a second to stop and listen to yourself and try to figure out what you're talking about?
Bim makes an excellent point about all of Franzen's books being about race - it's true.

Megan Burbank is Overly Excitable and Must Be Surfing the Web Way Too Much
I don't get it. Because he's never been in love with a black woman, that means what? He's a racist?

I'm Mexican-American and I've never had the opportunity to date a black woman, or an Asian woman, a Russian woman, Swedish woman, Middle Eastern woman (this is Portland after-all)... does that mean I'm bigoted against these people? What an ignorant and illogical conclusion.

I'd like to know the list of ethnicities that the author hasn't dated, because using her logic, that would mean she's bigoted towards them...right?
Today in "Inconsequential Things to Be Offended About..."

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