Books Dec 4, 2008 at 4:00 am

Harmon Leon's error-riddled report from the underbelly of America.


I heard American Dream author Harmon Leon on KBOO radio. He was funny, interesting, and thought provoking. I picked up his book and loved it. I think I must have read a different book than Justin W. Sanders because I loved it.

The book showed in this diverse country, no matter how far off the radar you are, you can still be entitled to live your version of the American Dream. In that respect, it seemed like a celebration of these people--almost patriotic in Leon's self-actualizations. Leon opens each chapter with an essay written by a particular person of each American Dream subculture he investigates, giving them their say. He seems to gain a human connection with members of each group he encounters, be it bible-bangers in Topeka, swingers, undocumented workers, or pot farmers.

Justin W. Sanders review came off like a bitter, crotchety old man. No wonder he's still doing book reviews since the release of Leon's first book all the way back in 2003. Keep up the book reviews Justin, the world needs more crotchety old men.
The only thing this book has helped me do is keep my spelling and grammar sharp.

And........................FRY mumia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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