Books Jun 17, 2010 at 4:00 am

Too Much Celebrity, Not Enough Chef in Anthony Bourdain's Medium Raw


Did you give yourself time to actually read the book before writing this piece? Obviously not, as you would have come upon the part where he acknowledges he hasn't been 'in the kitchen' when I kid calls him out on the fact.
I enjoyed his show. His talk on how to scare of kids shitless from 'The Clown, The King, and The Colonel was epic! I think his book takes us through some of the changes his life has taken. I love his descriptive 'food porn' in the middle of the book. It isn't labled as such, but you know when you're reading it....taking you into the experience as he is in it.
He might not be the same Tony in front of a fryer at a shitty no end job, but would we be as impressed or still reading about him today if he was?
Fuck yea we would D.S.!!! Stories from a shitty no end job seems like reality for most.A lot of blood sweat and tears bring out the best humor under the gun down and dirty.Its Bourdains humor that stands strongest.Ask me what I had to serve an unsuspecting customer when he wanted refries and we were out.

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