Calling Bullshit on Etsy

April Winchell's Blog-to-Book Regretsy


April Winchell, you ROCK! Hope you never stop. I need my daily Regretsy fix!
April, you are SO getting to exactly where you want to be - Regretsy is awesome!!

And I *love* your concept of "offsetting [your] asshole footprint" - a perfect metaphor. =)
Re(gretsy)tards unite! Together we warm!
Very good interview.
hey, the more star trek character days you do the better ;-) Live long and prosper April!
As a seller on Etsy, I really don't see the harm in being featured on her site. I mean, the crap that no would see or buy, actually gets sold a lot of the time just because it was on regretsy! I'm kinda bummed she didn't choose any of MY things for Captain Picard Day!
I love the fact you have a website that makes something wonderful, witty, sarcastic, and intelligent out of a world of oddly fabricated genitalia.
Great article. I love Etsy and Regretsy.
Great interview. I love Etsy and Regretsy!
Here's to the great productivity of assholes! Regretsy is truly teh awesome.
I read it, I liked it, I want a sequel. This is one interesting woman. I've been following April's career for the past ten or fifteen years, and she never fails to crack me up. Ask about the Halloween party she held for her fans at the dollar store, or that time she flashed the butcher at Gelson's, or the eBay charity auction of her hand-made adoptable African babies, ala Brangelina. She's funny as hell, and so is Regretsy.
I've been a Regretsy reader pretty much since it started and love it. This has given me a bit more of an insight into April. April you are fabulous and you make me laugh. I do love the handmade concept and I love the absurd things you find. Thank you!