Patrick Rothfuss: The Mercury Interview

Regarding Stories, Fantasy Literature, and the Pathetic Frailty of Modern Bookbinding Technology


This is a great interview. I like how it's longer. I haven't read these books but I probably will now. It seems like the subtext of a lot of this interview is the failure of George R. R. Martin to finish Game of Thrones. It sounds like Mr. Rothfuss will finish his series.
I find it both interesting and frustrating that Book 3 is going to be the end of Kvothe's story. I've heard a lot of readers assuming that Rothfuss will 'follow up' on the initial trilogy with Kvothe's life after the Waystone, but I don't think this is the author's goal.

Another point: The detailed worldbuilding by Rothfuss that informs but doesn't obstruct the progress of the narrative is something that really makes him a special author. You know the information on the world has been thought out, but they aren't necessarily dumped on the reader immediately, which makes learning about the world when information on it is revealed a treat instead of a chore.
Great interview. I just loved the heck out of it!
Great interview. Thanks for posting this. I've just finished reading the book and it's great to see how much thought, work, and love Pat has put into it.
I have to agree with Thlayli: I almost can't even come to terms with the fact that the third book will be the last. It's quite obvious that Kvothe's pre-Waystone story will take the entire length of the book to finish, but I am desperate to see Kvothe after he tells his story. I need for this great character to find redemption at the end, and I'd rather it wasn't "Well, now that I've told my story, I can be legitimately happy staying an innkeeper". But, with the first-person style used in these books, it would be difficult to transition to a "present" story. Still...I could weep for the story that I fear will never be told.